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mCam Grid -Composition assistance tool-

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mCam Grid -Composition assistance tool-

Hi everyone.

I wrote a composition assistance tool script.
It's a simple script that creates spline grids in front of the camera.

1. Center cross
2. Golden ratio
3. Rule of thirds
4. Simulcast safe
5. Custom

Five kinds of grids are displayed on camera viewport.
Please use it. and hope you like it!

-a postscript-

VPL "viewport layouts"

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This is an update to ViewPort Controls Mini and renamed to VPL 2.0 I found with the introduction of the view cube. The other feathures of "ViewPort Controls Mini" were redundant. So I striped it down to just the viewport layout selections in a dock-able buttons bar.

VPL Use: Only use VPL from the 4 viewport state. Not the (alt+W) maximized viewport state.

Urgaffels script pack 01

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Small pack of scripts created by me to speed up tasks while creating environments for games. Contains the following scripts...

ViewPort Control Mini

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The original script by Adam Biles “Viewport Controls” was
altered by othoap on 4-1-07.

I really like docking all my tools so I made smaller icons then Adam Biles UI and added a docking feature. Also I added buttons
for all the viewport layouts.

The button icons are only in 16 pixel size. Sorry
I don't use 24 pixel UI setting.

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