Urgaffels script pack 01

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Peter ├ůsberg

Small pack of scripts created by me to speed up tasks while creating environments for games. Contains the following scripts...

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* urg_backfacecull.mcr - Toggles backface culling on and off for all selected objects. Usefull when you've imported a bunch of objects and you need to flip them. Also unifies the selection so if some objects are toggled on and some off, this is a quick way of making them all have the same setting. I have it set to a button on the toolbar but it can easily be assigned to a hotkey so you can toggle backface culling on and off while modeling

* urg_bridge.mcr - It allows you to bind the Bridge command to a hotkey and will automatically adjust to the sub-object you are using (edge/border/face) and ignore everything else. For some reason the Bridge command isn't in the hotkey list so a script was needed.

* urg_centerpivot.mcr - Does pretty much what it says, it centers the pivot on all selected objects.

* urg_originpivot.mcr - Moves the pivot point of selected objects to the origin, 0,0,0. Can be handy when you are exporting props to a game engine and you want the pivot to be on the "ground"

* urg_resetxconvert.mcr - Resets x-form on all selected objects and then converts them to editable poly. Saves time when you have been moving, scaling and rotating things and just want a quick reset.

* urg_uvwboxmap4.mcr - Applies a 4m x 4m x 4m box mapping modifier to selected polygons and selected objects. This is very very useful when roughing out an environment and you want to slap some textures on to see what it looks like. In most cases, using a 1024 texture for 4m is ok so you get a consistent pixel density as well. With a little bit of tweaking, you can have near final quality uv mapping in no time.

This particular script goes into 3dsmax\scripts\startup.

* urg_viewportsettings.ms - A co-worker wanted this little script so that 3dsmax would always start with the same layout and viewport settings. It's a simple script that can be easily adapted to whatever a person would want layout-wise, as long as there is a command for it. Similar to using maxstart.max.

Haven't tested with ealier versions of 3dsmax but it should work with 3dsmax 9 and up. Possibly earlier versions too.

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2009, 2010
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I work in the game industry

I work in the game industry as well. These scripts rock! thanks!

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