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3DS MaxTrackBar Markers Script

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This script marks specific frames in an animation, adds a note to each marked frame and save the list as xml.
The script is quite useful when juggling scenes and need to keep track of requiered changes, or team members need to share info among them.
The list will not be saved with the scene, it needs to be saved externally as xml to be used when re-opening the scene.

TrackBarMarkers XML AE v2.1.6 :

  • New AfterEffects script which imports and exports xml.
  • Simple XML Library for 3dsMax

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    Hi Everyone,

    This is a library that simplifies working with XML files and XML Trees. It wraps the DotNet library's to provide a simpler way to work with XML. It has been kicking around the web on CgTalk and Tech Artists forum for quote a while so I thought I would post here.

    It is implemented as to structs XMLDocument for working with XML files and XMLNode which represents a node in XML. It is very easy to use.

    In the script at the bottom there is a complete example script documenting how to use it etc.

    If you have any feedback or suggestions please let me know.



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    Renderitis is an open system to store render-presets for 3dsMax. Within the script you can view and edit presets before applying them. Presets are stored in xml which is an open file-format as opposed to the native 3dsMax presets. I’ve been developing this script for a long time and have stripped all the bells and whistles. The current version supports scanline for 3dsMax 2010 and scanline and vray for 3dsMax 2012. I'll be working on more features in the future. Also check my blog for more info.


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    The purpose of this script is to give an easy and full access to XML files: creation, reading and modifications
    It is intented to be used with the same flexibility as a library: instanciate the structure where you need it
    in your code and use the member functions to manipulate the XML files.

    WkXmlLibrary - A WerwacK script at www.werwackfx.com

    This script strongly relies on the DotNet interface.

    XMLLayoutPanel - A Custom Dotnet Control for 3dsMax

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    XML LayoutPanel - Another Custom control for 3dsMax

    Please note - this tutorial was written pre max 2010 which includes the method dotnet.setlifetimecontrol. This resolves the global dotnet handler issues mentioned at the start.

    Shader Wiring Tool

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    This tool could quickly connect from your max UI elements to dx material shader parameters. example: you can use 3ds max environment ambient color to control dx material ambient color. I showed this during GDC2007 which lots people interested and want get this script. here it is.
    3/30 updated with auto wire and scan wires. check the demo2 video

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