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Moutafis Nick

Create procedural tentacle animation with one click. Select the parent bone, generate the script and have fun.

video demonstration***not updated

***Loop function added (thanks Zoran for the idea) 21.04.09
***Bug fix for 64bitVersions
reverse animation option 17.02.09
***Installer update

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tested with max2008 x86, max2008 x64, max2009 x64,
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It sounds great -- eventhough I'm not at all familiar with biology/chemistry etc hahah! :D
Thank you very much for your reply and for posting your work!! I really appreciate it! :)

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It is just a draft, but we are set!

Thank you again Nick!

This is a didactic animation for a project using gene-modified e.coli bacterias embedded in modified grass that react to the presence of critical amounts of co2 and produce a colored-coded alarm; the project is an early bio-alarm of low quality air conditions in city scale zones, monitoreable via satellite. The modified grass will provide increased amounts of oxigen, too. :D


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You're welcome

I'm really glad c4k31337 that my script helped you! :D When you have the final result, I would love to see the script in action.

Warm regards,

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Thank you so much!

Sinok, I just registered to say thanks.. I've spent the whole past night messing and pulling my hair while trying to skin and set up a bone by bone animation using physics, skin, tried everything... Was an utterfail, low quality motion and all sort of weird artifacts and random crashes due the improper use of all the mess... Felt asleep at 06:00 am. over the keyboard. Now I have the whole monster set up in 20 minutes with superb motion quality and control and now the focus goes to the integration... Thanks to you. Thank you so so much Sinok, you are the man!

- Best regards.


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Your current setup probably

Your current setup probably don't gives max administration rights to copy the files to the apropriate directories.

So please try to open max with "Run as Administrator" and install the script again. If the problem continues then try to copy the files manually.

To access the files rename "tentacles.mzp" to "tentacles.zip" and extract the files.

Copy the two images (sinok.gr_16i.bmp and sinok.gr_24i.bmp) to C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds max 2010/UI/ and the tentacles.ms to C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds max 2010/scripts.

Open max, click the icon and the script will eventually work.

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Hello sinok, I was wondering if your script worked for 3ds max 2010? I've installed it, but recieve "--Runtime Error: Copy error on file: C;/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds max 2010/UI/Icons,sinok.gr_16.bmp" Any idea on what I'm doing wrong?

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Is there any place the script

Is there any place the script can be downloaded - the temp site is dead :(

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Thanks for the script, it has been a huge help on a personal project.

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I'd like to use this script for a project I'm working on... but the link seems to be dead. Can it run in Max 2011/2012... and/or is there an alternative script that anyone knows to help quickly rig tentacles?


Shawn Olson

Developer of Wall Worm

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