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Texture Lister Help

 This script is inspired and use Collect asset by antomor as references.

Texture Lister is used to list all available texture used in scene on 3DS Max. This will also replace instance all texture that use same name and also change bitmap name to texture name.

How to use:

1. Run the script

2. Refresh if needed

3. Do things (pretty much self explanatory)

4. Close

Installation: Drop The file in max viewport and go to Customize ==> Customize User Interface ==> Category: .timo ==> .timo Texture Lister

Tested on 3ds Max 2015

Caution: Using fix path on large scene may take a while. It takes about 15 minutes to run fix path on 200MB+ file with almost 300 textures.

Download Installer Version

Download Drag & Drop version

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