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This script collects textures and other files used in the scene in one folder. Check for the same file names.

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check files

for installing you should drag&drop script into 3ds Max Find it in Customize -> Customize user interface -> Toolbars. Category: # Scripts

Tested on 3ds max 2012 and 2014

Для русскоязычных есть тема на форуме

Please write if you find errors

v2.03 - add function "copy max file"

v2.02 - Write new engine for script. Now not use Asset Tracking. Now script work with map classes as VRayBMPFilter, Camera_Map_Per_Pixel. Work with maps in xref files, collect textures and update xref files.
This version not rewrite older version and install as new script in 3ds max.

v1.55 - add function for rename russian symbols to english in file names

v1.54 - add button "Make Archive". Now can make 7zip or zip archive directly from 3ds max

v1.52, v1.53 - fixes some errors

v1.51 - now can collect from selected objects only
           - excludes textures are not used in the scene

v1.5 - now can delete missing paths

v1.4 - fix error with new not saved scene

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collect_asset_v1.55.mzp725.1 KB
collect_asset_v2.03.mzp727.8 KB


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amir3dsmax's picture

error with VRayBmpFilter is missing

same error when scene file contain VRayBmpFilter with missing image

antomor's picture


Yes. I repeated this error on my test scene. Now i try fix it. Thanks

amir3dsmax's picture

when map is missing

sorry i forgot to mention error occurred when map is missing

error.jpg 395.33 KB
amir3dsmax's picture


error when scene file contain VRay_Lens_Effects image

antomor's picture


Thank you for this comment. I try fix this error in new version.

3dwannab's picture


When I check copy max file and selected objects only and press collect file it creates an error as shown.

Using max 2016.

2016-02-28_16-12-12.jpg 19.8 KB's picture

RE: Ресурс

Огромное спасибо. Не нашёл "Donate". Куда можно отблагодарить? :)

antomor's picture

RE: Ресурс

Сделаю вариант сохранения сцены в папку, как если бы сделали Save as... в максе. А для выделеных обьектов будет аналог команды Save selected...
Думаю скоро добавлю эти изменения.'s picture


Здравствуйте. Пользуюсь Вашим скриптом почти каждый день. Просто вызывает некое неудобство при создании ресурса в новую папку сохранять туда максовский файл вручную. При создании архива проблем нет. Спасибо.

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