UV Strip Straightener

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Mapping tool that straightens a single strip of faces.

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This tool is run from the Mapping menu of the Edit UVWs dialog (UVW Unwrap modifier).
It works on all mappable surfaces except patches.
The code ignores the current edge visibility and checks the underlying triangular structure for validity. Hence a strip must have a topology such that it 'could be' made of a single line of quads, all well connected.

By default, the original proportions of the faces are more or less preserved, depending on the distorsion needed to align the selection.
When averaging the edges, U is along the length of the strip and V across it.
The Normalize option rescales the selection so it fits in the 1x1 UV square.

The operation is performed in the current view plane (UV, VW or UW) and the third coordinate is left unchanged.

Drop the .mzp file in a viewport. The macroscript is saved in the userMacros folder and an entry for it is created in the appropriate menu.
When downloading the file, its extension is sometimes changed to .zip. Just change it back to .mzp before dropping it in max.

Version Requirement: 
max 9 and above
UVStripStraightener.mzp3.58 KB


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Great job!

Perfect! 3ds Max 2019

Marcelo Pereira

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Fails miserably!

No longer useful to 3d max 2018 and above! Fails!

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Nice job bro

Nice job bro


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Little Request

Hi Garp,

good job for this script.

I was wondering if there is any chance that you make the same thing for a selection of several polygons in the uvs editor ?

The Straighten Selection of max works in some way, but it completely breaks the proportions and make it useless in the end.

Hope to have some news of you about this :)


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Great lil feature for speed

Great lil feature for speed up the uv process . Is it possible to make it work on more than one strip line on the future update?

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you are my HERO man , for real !!!

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In 2015 works very well! Thx!!!

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Nice script!

Nice script, thank you Garp.

However, I was wondering if you have any plans of making it more akin to Max 2012. Where it's not limited to one strip.

Basically, all I want to do is halfway down the page:

Cheers and ciao.

There's a very good chance that I experienced MORE problems, then all the internet put together in the area of 3D and Design, and I'm inventing more of them as time passes; also good chance no one is able to solve them. Talk about being ori

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win7-64bit installation

As stated drop the mzp on the viewport. Then from the Maxscript menu drop down select run. Find the "UVW Unwrap-straightenUVstrip.mcr" file in
C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2010 - 64bit\enu\UI\usermacros
and select to run.

Restart Max. Go to the menu Customize\Customize User Interface\ and look for the category "UVW Unwrap". Under there you'll find the link to launch the script. FYI you can also launch it within the Max "Unwrap" editor interface. Look under the "Mapping" menu for "Straighten UV Strips"

The only issue I found was. A 3 point poly face will give an error. Use the break tool to isolate that 3 point face in the strip. Then select the rest of the strip you want and run the script. Of course then you need to re-weld that sections back together.

Thanks GARP for this one!!

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