Vehicle Rigger

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Walid Abou Ali

This simple script allows you to rig your wheel based vehicle easily for creating nice vehicle animations in littile minutes



Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008 or more
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vehicle_rigger_1.0.rar2.55 KB


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Vehicle rigger

Vehicle rigger is an animation presentation of our vehicle. In most of the cases animators are experimenting with different types of features to build attractive and suitable vehicle rigger. To create good and attractive vehicle animation to present in movies and others place, we take the help of vehicle rigger. It is one of the most popular presentations till date animators are using.
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jazak ALLAH khair, thankyou very much.

am grateful.


necatiatali's picture

Wire parameter

Hi base dummy position - wheel rotation

wire parameter connect

how to do ?

tsam170's picture

Body Roll

Hi Walid; first i must say its an excellent simple and effective script, i enjoy using it and it makes rigging my vehicles quick and effectively easy. i was wondering about a feature i wasn't sure if you were going to implement into the rigger and that is one for Body Roll. since the body does lean or roll when going into a hard turn or accelerating and decelerating, maybe this is something that can be added as a slider so that we can roll the body on the X and Y Axis.

thank you :)

excellence's picture

need a help...

Hi waleed
thx for this nice script... but i have a problem when i use it on 3ds max 2012, it says;

--Syntax error: at bad, expected
-- In line: 

please reply me as soon as possible...

thx again...

josepito's picture

error de sintaxis

hi please help guyes what will do when I am trying to run script it shows the syntax error. --Syntax error: at bad, expected -- In line: 

Amy Jackson's picture

Vehicle Animation

Vehicle rigger is used to prepare animated parts of vehicle and after that we came to know many new features of the newly developed vehicle parts in real. It helps in animating the real parts that will require in future after that these real parts will be placed in Cars like BMW or Mercedes and we got a good and smooth test drive. This technique we will be needing in future for proper service and solution of the problem we face in our cars.
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Neil's picture

error syntax

hello please help me: i have an error when run script error syntax:

--Synttax errror:at bad,expected
-- In line: 

glennwilson's picture

Vehicle rigger

We can use animation technology in several ways and here we have found that how can we use animation technology for making different types of projects such as; plotting, 3D effects and vehicle rigging. Most probably animators are using Maya software (animation software) for putting better affects; most of the vehicle manufacturing companies are also using vehicle rigger option to create better designs. In most of the vehicle repair and service centers, very soon we have also found these techniques to identify the exact error and exact solution while repair and service customer's vehicle.
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Automated Car Wheels

HI I love your script...

Do you think it will ever use a terrain to keep the wheels on the ground, just thinking if you have hills etc, buts its great on Flat surfaces.

I like how you can just quickly turn on the wheels to rotate.

I have used a script called 111_Carwheel in the past, I forget who wrote it.
but that script can analyse the speed of movement of body and rotate the wheels based on this movement, so you check the radius button, so it can work out wheel diameter, and voila it turns the wheel based on body movement.
So if the car stops the wheel stops, if it goes fast, it rotates fast. it also steers the wheels.
Have you thought at all about making the wheels turn more intelligently to the motion of the Car.

I am only asking, as I think what you have done so far is fantastic.

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