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VP Material Manager - Main

The VP MATERIAL MANAGER is the perfect tool to manage materials within 3ds max in ways never possible before. Material presets can now have ATTRIBUTES that can easily be filtered with the integrated attribute filters. The times are over where you needed to dig through folders to find the material you need. Just select the combination of attributes and the preset manager will just show you the materials that fit these attributes. Finding material was really never faster!

What is Material Manager ?


The MATERIAL MANAGER is a new innovative tool to manage materials, maps and bitmaps within 3DS MAX® in ways never possible before. Material presets can now have ATTRIBUTES that can easily be filtered with the integrated attribute filters. The times are over where you needed to dive through folders to find the material you need. Just select the combination of attributes and the preset manager will show you the materials that fit these attributes. Finding materials was really never faster! Besides this new way of finding and loading presets, the MATERIAL MANAGER also manages bitmaps in a completely new way. MATERIAL MANAGER stores the bitmaps in a central library database to ensure that bitmaps are found when materials are loaded. Really, who wants to loose time by re-locating lost bitmaps …

VP Material Manager - List mode

Plugin Integration


MATERIAL MANAGER is integrated directly into the VP Plugins with buttons for loading and saving presets. This way you don´t have to bother creating a new material or re-assigning a material to an object, just load a different preset and watch the result.

VP Material Manager - Attribute filtering


Attribute Filtering


If you are looking for a material or map preset, you don´t want to waste time searching through several material libraries. The ATTRIBUTES section of Material Manager makes finding presets a breeze. Just click the attributes that describe the characteristics of your material and you´ll only see the results that fit. Filter by COLOR, TYPE, MAP OR MATERIAL, and even search live by just typing in the search field. 

VP Material Manager - Previews

Better Previews

Multiple and enlarged Previews

One preview thumbnail might not be enough and waiting for a preview to be rendered can also be annoying. With Material Manager, you can assign up to 5 preview images per preset, which can be enlarged for better viewing.

VP Material Manager - Import

Import and Exchange

Integrate your 3Ds Max .mat libraries and exchange presets with colleagues

Material Manager offers two methods of importing presets and one option to export presets. You can import 3Ds Max .mat libraries and automatically render thumbnails for each of the presets. You can also export self-contained presets including the bitmaps for better exchange with colleagues or other artists. Just use the proprietary format .mmp to export one or more presets and import in Material Manager.

VP Material Manager - User Library

Online User Library

Share materials and maps online

The online User Library provides a growing repository of shared materials and maps by other users and VIZPARK. Materials can be uploaded and downloaded with the Material Manager 1.1 LE which is included in the installation. To download or upload and share presets, a valid VP User account is required.


Additional Info: 

Material Manager – Changelog

VERSION 1.3.2 (SEPTEMBER 12, 2018)


  • Option to keep maps stored in their original location (when saving new presets).
  • A crash when scrolling enlarged previews quickly.
  • Importing .mmp files of presets without thumbnail.
  • A crash when changing search text rapidly.
  • An imported preset will not appear in the list in some cases
  • Changing sort order would not refresh preset list.
  • Crash when right clicking on an empty area.

VERSION 1.3.1 (JULY 06, 2018)


  • V-Ray Next compatibility
  • Corona 2.0 compatibility
  • [INSTALLER]: Support for 3ds Max 2019
  • A crash in DBMerger.exe in some situations.
  • Crashes while saving in the German version of 3ds Max.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: The original 3ds Max 2019 (pre updates) introduced a bug that limits Material Manager's load/save functionality. This issue is fixed in the first 3ds Max 2019.1 update.

VERSION 1.3.0 (JANUARY 23, 2018)


  • LE and Pro are now combined in one binary, no need to re-install when going from LE to Pro
  • Optimized database to improve performance, especially for databases with many presets (NOTE: updating to this version might take a bit longer than usual due to database updates)
  • Added support for network connections through a proxy server
  • Added option to filter local/online/Vizpark presets
  • [PRO] TeamWork mode now uses a PostgreSQL database backend for improved performance
  • Some minor bug fixes

VERSION 1.2.5 (MAY 25, 2017)


  • Support for 3Ds Max 2018

VERSION 1.2.4 (MARCH 14, 2017)


  • Support for FStorm Render (v1.1.6 required)
  • Replaced ART renderer with FStorm renderer in attributes list
  • You can now right click the image in the inspector to get the preset context menu
  • You can now drag the image in the inspector to start the preset drag and drop
  • Random 3Ds Max crashes when Material Manager is installed

VERSION 1.2.3 (FEBRUARY 07, 2017)


  • Maxscript error occuring when loading some 3ds Max scenes
  • Improved handling of deleted online library presets
  • Online library updates would fail on some system locales
  • [PRO] Fixed handling of UNC database path in database utilities (affects installers)
  • [PRO] Fixed preset validation before uploading. You now have to select at least 5 attributes that are not user attributes to be able to upload.

VERSION 1.2.2 (DECEMBER 13, 2016)


  • Preset online information not showing for uploaded presets only for downloaded ones
  • Some drag and drop related issues
  • [PRO] Fixed handling of UNC database path in team work mode
  • Clicking preset thumbanil will not start preset rename, only clikcing the preset name

VERSION 1.2.1 (NOVEMBER 29, 2016)


  • Download wouldn’t start when a message box with information about download limit is shown
  • The “Online” tab in preferences has been renamed to “User Library”
  • [PRO] Made the message when license has expired more user friendly

VERSION 1.2.0 (NOVEMBER 21, 2016)


  • Added drag and drop support. Currently only from Material Manager to viewport and material slots in compact material editor
  • Added macroscript to open manager directly
  • Added help buttons, menu and about window
  • Added support for Arnold renderer
  • Added an indicator to the user library icon to indicate when a user is logged in
  • Added new licensing system with perpetual and subscription options
  • The selected objects section in the save materials list will not show duplicate materials
  • Material Manager will warn about missing maps when trying to save a preset
  • Exporting and uploading of presets with missing maps is no longer possible
  • Changed macroscript icons
  • Changed the look of the user library updates counter
  • Updated Maxwell thumbanil scene
  • Some issue caused when trying to download many presets at once
  • Improved performance of the save materials list
  • Clicking download button when preset is selected would start preset rename instead of download
  • Crash when dragging from the preset name field while in preset name editing mode
  • “Uploading” text was cropped when uploading preset



  • Preset list would not update after importing materials
  • [PRO] Beta expiration extended to end of November



  • [PRO] Beta expiration extended to end of October
  • Improved performance of UI while performing background operations (import/export/download/upload)
  • Downloading a few presets at the same time would often fail (a fail message would appear)
  • Typing in text fields would sometime perform the 3ds Max actions associated with those keyborad keys instaed of actually typing
  • Saving Automaterial Corona preset would show as an Automap preset



  • [PRO] Beta expiration extended to end of September
  • Made some performance optimization related to the database access
  • Imported presets are marked as online presets
  • Material Manager would freeze when selecting/deselecting an attribute in some cases
  • Max crash when opening Material Manager in some cases
  • [INSTALLER] After installing for current user only, when installing Material Manager for a second plugin, the library files were always being copied to the default location, ignoring custom library path
  • [INSTALLER] Canceling folder selection for custom library path would put “error” in the path

VERSION (JULY 27, 2016)


  • [PRO] CHANGE: Beta expiration extended to end of August
  • A maxscript error in some cases related to getting maps and materials from SME

VERSION (JUNE 29, 2016)


  • Maxscript API Documentation
  • Added support for ART renderer (Max 2017 only)
  • Thumbnail render settings are now set using .rps files
  • [PRO] CHANGE: Beta expiration extended to end of July
  • Some issues with thumbnail rendering
  • Update User Rating directly after submitting vote
  • importing from XML didn’t import multiple previews, just the main thumbnail
  • Wrong Preset Thumbnail Size
  • Dark render due to exposure control settings
  • Temporary render quality settings would not be restored when thumbnail render is done
  • Trying to render a thumbnail using Octane would cause a crash
  • VP Logo Strip Missing in Corona Thumbnail Scene
  • Assigning Omnitiles map to slots in slate material editor using Material Manager Creates Empty Copy
  • KNOWN ISSUE: This fix for Omnitiles maps assigned in slate material editor works only in max 2014 and later

VERSION (MAY 31, 2016)


  • [PRO]: 20 User attributes – define and edit your own attributes
  • Added more attributes: Fabric, Soil, Rock, Plaster, Sharp, Furry, Scratched, Painted, Simple, Worn, Orange, Violet, ART, Arnold
  • Right-Click on PLUGIN type will deselect others (solo function)
  • Beta expiration extended to end of June
  • Increased attribute area by 2 rows each column
  • Updated application icon to the new installer icon
  • Multi previews not exported with mmp export
  • Cannot import .mat libraries with
  • Removed progress bar animation while importing 3Ds Max material library to improve performance
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Missing thumbnail scenes for new renderer additions ART and Arnold

VERSION (MAY 25, 2016)


  • NEW: Support for 3Ds Max 2017

VERSION 1.1.8 (APRIL 26, 2016)


  • Support for team work – sharing a single database and library between multiple users
  • Material Manager now stores user preferences per user
  • Import .mat libraries
  • Export and Import presets directly from MM in proprietary “.mmp” format for better exchange
  • Re-Render thumbnail previews
  • Updated render settings for V-Ray and Scanline
  • Remember last sort by setting
  • Attached attributes are now updated when setting/unsetting attributes for selected presets
  • Limit minimum columns width in List view
  • Mouse over hint wrong on import .mat button
  • Beta expiration extended to end of May

VERSION 1.1.7 (MARCH 08, 2016)


  • Option to add multiple previews per preset
  • Cloth thumbnails for fabric materials (separate download)
  • Video tutorial on how to create custom thumbnails

VERSION 1.1.6 (FEBRUARY 25, 2016)


  • Support for Octane Render, THEA, Maxwell Render and Redshift
  • Optimized shaderball that supports translucent materials
  • Option to use custom thumbnail scene files
  • Use custom thumbnail scene files for each renderer
  • Check for minimum requirements before uploading (attributes, thumbnail)
  • Animate blur effect when opening preference window
  • Three quality settings for thumbnail preview rendering (Fast, Good, High)
  • Add message about updates when clicking „CHECK NOW“ button
  • Support for non-square thumbnail previews (display is cropped in gallery and inspector)
  • Wrong gamma thumbnail previews
  • Cannot save material presets from Slate material editor
  • Expiration date check
  • Crash in some situations caused by trying to write to the error log file while it is locked
  • CHANGED: Beta expiration extended to end of March
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Saving an Octane preset will always create black thumbnail (can be replaced manually)
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Thea render doesn’t seem to stop rendering the thumbnail.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Render quality settings are currently only implemented for VRay and Corona

VERSION 1.1.5 (FEBRUARY 11, 2016)


  • Slowdown (max appears to be frozen for a long time) when loading presets, experienced by some users
  • ENHANCEMENT: Changed type “General” to “Generic” (Pro version only)

VERSION 1.1.4 (JANUARY 13, 2016)


  • Implemented option to save a preset without a thumbnail (Currently only when saving using the macroscript tool)
  • Implemented option to replace a preset’s thumbnail – Available by right-clicking a preset (bottom option in the menu)
  • A preset with no thumbnail will now show the default VP logo in gallery and list views
  • Updating the online library would fail in MM LE
  • Email address with hyphen (-) in it would not allow to click the send button in the bug report dialog (Pro version only).
  • ENHANCEMENT: Preset not compatible message now showing 3ds Max version

VERSION 1.1.1 (NOVEMBER 17, 2015)


  • Added Stay always on top in preferences UI
  • Some max crashes related to Material Manager
  • Assign to selection always pops up a message “You must download…”
  • Still showing “not logged in” after Logging in
  • Number of downloads = 0
  • Spelling Mistake in Load Preset Error Message

VERSION 1.1.0 (OCTOBER 21, 2015)


  • Added USER LIBRARY feature
  • Upload/Share/Download presets in the User Library
  • ENHANCEMENT: User Interface optimizations
  • ENHANCEMENT: Optimized vray render settings when saving a preset
  • FIX: Several bug fixes

VERSION 1.0.1 (SEPTEMBER 22, 2015)


  • Support for Corona 1.2.x
  • Some crashes in rare situations
  • Some minor bugs

VERSION 1.0.0 (MAY 30, 2015)


  • First official release

VERSION (MAY 16, 2015)


  • Fixed an issue with the database preparation script.
  • Fixed: Bug report VPMM-80 – Remove “assign to selection” function for maps (dot.net error
  • Improved error handling for DatabaseUpdater and LibraryMerger
  • Change author to VIZPARK for Walls & Tiles presets
  • Renamed attribute stucco to concrete
  • Added 2 columns to the bundle table
  • Added an is_dummy column to the preset table
  • Added “Corona Version” additional property definition

VERSION 0.9.11 (MAY 18, 2015)


  • Fixed: crash introduced in version 0.9.8 in 3ds Max 2012 and earlier
  • Implemented: Enhancement VPMM-106 – MM Version Not Shown

VERSION 0.9.8 (MAY 16, 2015)


  • NEW: Feature request VPMM-95 – Autoselect Renderer filter based on current renderer
  • Bug report VPMM-101 – load preset from within Crossmap will not take preset name
  • Bug report VPMM-65 – ESC on preview render causes max to crash
  • Feature request VPMM-3 – Auto-Attribute renderer when saving a preset
  • Changed: Loaded preset is renamed to use the actual preset name in the DB (instead of keeping it the way it was saved)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Enhancement VPMM-50 – Figure out a way to handle supported software versions

VERSION 0.9.7 (MAY 15, 2015)


  • Implemented: Enhancement VPMM-100 – Hide “+” button and small thumbnail Icon until 1.0
  • Bug report VPMM-107 – Load preset from MOSAIC (Corona) opens MM in Crossmap mode
  • Bug report VPMM-108 – Saving a preset with Mosaic (Corona) sets wrong plugin type
  • Some issues with installer compilation automation
  • Restored border around attribute filter buttons for attributes that are assigned to selected presets, and changed the border color
  • Added implementation of bundles when preparing the database for inclusion in the installer
  • Updated thumbnail scene files
  • Implemented: Enhancement VPMM-52 INSTALLER: license agreements for 3rd party libs

VERSION 0.9.4 (MAY 11, 2015)


  • Corona renderer settings: turned off setting render time limit
  • Online updater checker would show the window even if the online version was the same or older than the current version
  • ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-91 – Additional property “Material type”
  • CHANGE: Updated scanline renderer thumbnail scene

VERSION 0.9.3 (MAY 10, 2015)


  • Gamma problem with saved thumbnails too dark
  • 3DS MAX freeze when creating the thumbnail using corona renderer
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated thumbnail scene files

VERSION 0.9.2 (MAY 08, 2015)


  • Saving of material presets causing a freeze
  • Load Walls & Tiles Corona materials not showing correct presets
  • Added correct online XML file for update check

VERSION 0.9.1 (MAY 07, 2015)


  • Added support for 3DS MAX 2016
  • VPMM-66 – Check for update – online
  • New MATERIAL and MAP types
  • ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-87 – Draw selection on name editing in gallery and list view
  • ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-78 – Custom attributes for Crossmap
  • ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-89 – Hide X button in search field when search field is empty.
  • ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-85 – Default window size too small
  • ENHANCEMENT: VPMM-68 – (temporarily) disable BORDER on set attributes
  • CHANGE: disabled turning off gamma setting when rendering thumbnail
  • Deactivated blur value set to 0.01 on creation of plugin
  • Compatibility with version 1.4 of crossmap
  • Corona setting progressive_timeLimit
  • VPMM-57 – avoid loading wrong materials depending on renderer
Version Requirement: 
3Ds Max 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Other Software Required: 
Windows 7, 8 or 10
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I have Question.

I have Question.
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