VRay Camera Manager

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  • List and edit the most used VRay Physical Camera parameters in an easy to read table
  • Change the settings of multiple cameras without selecting in scene
  • Shutter priority mode - lock the shutter speed and vary the aperture or film ISO keeping the exposure constant.
  • Aperture priority mode
  • Film ISO priority mode
  • Sort the table contents by clicking on the column headers

Right click menu:

  • Select camera
  • Send camera to the current or camera VP
  • Copy and paste settings between cameras
  • Convert perspective viewport to a Vray camera
  • Convert non VRay camera to a VRay camera
  • Delete camera

Column Chooser to display only the parameters you want to see:

Vray Camera Manager started as a personal project. When I was working in large scenes with multiple (10+) cameras I found it slow to swap between cameras. Also I often wanted to change a setting on more than one camera without selecting them indiviually in the scene. If you have any feature requests or want to report a bug please leave acomment below.

Version Requirement: 
Tested in in Max 2012, 2013, 2014 but should work in earlier versions
Other Software Required: 
VRay 2.0 or higher
vcm.mcr27.35 KB


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NicolasC's picture

Any chance to make it CoronaCameras compliant ?

Hello :)
First, thanks a lot for this very useful tool. We regularly have much more than 1 or 2 cameras in our scenes, to it's pleasure to have this VCM under the hand.
Noww, we use Corona renderer more and more on our projects, could you please update VCM to make it possible to handle Corona cameras ?
Thanks in advance


marcwe's picture
MaximuM's picture

Physical camera please


Great script, really !
So bad it doesn't manage 3dsmax 2016 physical cameras :(
Do you consider update it soon ?

pixamoon's picture


just drag and drop to max
-> then go to menu Customize

you should find it in category "VRay"
name of script is "VRay Camera Manager"

itscramo's picture


how do i install it? open it?

3dgopnik's picture

physical camera

Thank you! Please add the physical camera max 2016

Custom's picture

One more parameter, please

Can you add "vertical tilt" & "horizontal tilt", please?
Would be very useful. I think most of artists touch this parameter in every project as I do.

inpow's picture


Helo i'm new to max & vray,

How to install this script? Put it on which folder? [Nevermind, it was SOLVED :-) ]


Custom's picture

color balance in animated camera

Tried to copy settings from static cameras to 1 animated and found that white balance from drop down list is not animateable. Custom balance is copying successfully.

Cre8orB's picture

Dialogue box, and error


I have one suggestion to make, and one problem to report.

Suggestion: When I expand the dialogue box, there is a limit to the size of the scrollable area. What I mean is that up to a certain size the scroll bar and the list of cameras is the same size as the window, when re-sized, but when the window gets too big, the list stays 28 cameras long and the window gets a grey panel at the bottom. The scroll bars do not expand further than 28 cameras.

The problem seems to have been a one-off, but I got a debug error when I tried to close the dialogue. The window stayed open and a red cross appeared across the content area with a white background. When I closed the debug popup, the cam lister dialogue closed. Unfortunately I did not take down any details of the error. If it happens again, I'll copy them down and forward them to you.

Finally... Great script! Very much appreciated.

EDIT: I have also noticed that when you delete a camera, the window resizes to be one camera row shorter. That is a bit annoying in my opinion. If that could be fixed, so that it didn't resize that would be great.


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