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Aaron Dabelow

Here is a free tool for copying animation from 3ds Max into After Effects via the clipboard, and the native AE clipboard data. You will be able to copy and paste keyframe data for position, rotation and scale from 3ds Max onto objects in AE.

This grew out of the old position exporter from a while ago, and runs significantly faster as well as having extra data channels and a re-vamped UI for quicker use. It also supports custom header and footer information for future versions of After Effects, so this won't need any care, hopefully.

Also if anyone knows of how to make the conversion of the max camera information to the aftereffects camera's focal length, i'd love to incorporate that into the script. Let me know what you think!

Added button to copy animated transforms directly to the clipboard, in addition to the previous method of copying from notepad, as well as added some error catching and stability stuff.

Never got posted here...

Can now export cameras, and do animated FOV on them.

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Just drag and drop to use, the UI should be pretty straightforward, but you can consult the video for an in depth coverage.

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After Effects
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ae_transform_exporter_1.0.zip15.91 KB
ae_transform_exporter_1.01.zip20.69 KB
ae_transform_exporter_1.3.mse16.02 KB


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It's help, thanks

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hello, thanks for your script

hello, thanks for your script : it works fine :-)
but I have some problems with position precision values in after effects.
could you please add a option value (default is 1), so I can multiply by 100 or 0.01 (for eg) when I have such problems...
I then simply make an expression in ae to multiply camera position by the same value.

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Thanks for the addition :)

And while I'm better at suggesting than coding it myself: As an extension to 2D coordinate export (which still should be included, if you just need a single point), how about making a corner pin mechanism, where you pick 4 points in Max and the export is actually a script that can be pasted on a layer to automatically create a PowerPin with the four coordinates (like what madbc2004 did here:

Although it might be better to actually have 4 object pickers for that, instead of a list that has to be sorted a certain way...

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Simple, I am adding it right

Simple, I am adding the extra copy modes to it right now, and should have a new version up tonight, thanks for the ideas :)

As a note, you don't need to import an RPF camera to apply the transforms to it. You can just create a camera in AE, and paste the transforms onto it.

If anyone has an idea how to translate the correct focal length info into AE i'd love to add that. I just don't have a clue where to get started.

The 2D co-ordinate information is a great idea as well, i'll look into it.

edit: copy directly to clipboard version made and uploaded

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Oh wait, exporting the

Oh wait, exporting the postion of the Max camera and the target DOES work with a 2-node AE camera... you just have to make sure that the AE cam's "orientation" is set to 0,0,0

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And maybe a "Export and copy

And maybe a "Export and copy to clipboard" button, so that the notepad doesn't open, but the data is automatically copied to the clipboard.

Sorry for the wishlist. It's just that your script shows so much potential! ;)

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Add camera support?

This script is really cool, but missing an important thing: Camera support (and not just for the FOV)

With the great copy-paste concept it's a shame that it's still necessary to render out an RPF sequence to get the Max camera into AFX. Obviously it's not easy, because when I tried exporting the camera transformations (or just positions for camera and POI), nothing did fit together.

This would be a killer script if you could export camera animation as well... then simply paste it onto a camera layer and all the settings are taken care of.

Also, do you think it would be possible to add 2D screen coordinate export? Basically what the Max2AE script currently does, for stuff like corner pinning (because sometimes you don't need 3D coordinates).

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I specially like the "copy-paste" approach to it! Excellent for super-fast iterations.

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