Batch Library Helper v1.0.1

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Tomas Toegel


This script is useful for organization of your model libraries. It has been designed especially for Archmodel libraries to Forest pack library system. It works as a batch script and knows to prepare scenes for easy importing your models in a master scene and also it knows relink bitmap as a batch.

Version history:

1.0.1 - added new option "disables any Max dialogs through opening scenes" and some bug fixing. Pleas, rewrite original file and delete batchlibraryhelper.ini on your disc.



"library directory" - script works as a batch scrip, so it goes through all files in "library directory"

"output directory" - if you ignore the "output directory" files will be overwritten Not recommended!

"Relink Bitmaps by Colin Senner" - needs to be installed properly to relink bitmaps in a selected folder

-there are some options to relink bitmaps which can be chosen

Archmodel Script:

"disable any Vray dialogs" - it automatically closes most of vray dialogs through opening scenes, like sun system problems or old Vray settings

"Add new wire color" - your model can be colored to new wire color

"Set opacity filtering to None" - very useful for rendering plenty of trees or grass objects with opacity map. Faster rendering!

"Attach all to one object" - All geometry objects in a scene will be attached in to one object, then will be applied reset xform modifier and then will be placed a pivot point in to a top-center and bottom place. - This is a main idea for right placing object in to master scene

"Delete all none geometry objects" - It will delete everything  except proper geometry objects. So it will delete lights, helpers, bones, Vray fur or Vray proxy objects

"Set bitmap blur" - set bitmap blur for all bitmaps in a scene

"prefix for name of object" -  script automatically set a name for all objects in a scene by name of scene, but you can add some prefix for a name. For example: AM66_   (Archmodels library 66)

Script is creating own INI file to save script options in a same folder where is script running. In some cases it can be a problem to work the script properly, because you don't have a permission to write the ini file. In this case, copy the script in different folder where you have  permission to write a file or run max as a administrator.

I would like to say I am just a scripter newbie, so by patient pleas. Also the script has been created by coping some parts from other people in to one script. So there are few parts from Neil Blevins, some parts of other batch script and also it needs to co-work with Relink Bitmap script by Colin Senner.

IMPORTANT: Use a script only on your own risk. I highly recommend backup your files before running the script. Script is deleting some parts of scene! ("Delete all none geometry objects" option)

Script works fine with max 2010. I would wish there is no bugs, but reality is different. I would really appreciate if there would be a scripter who could repair or innovate the script, because I am time busy person, so don't count on a support so much. Sorry.

Additional Info: 

1. Run the .ms file (Self-installing file)

2. In Max goto "Customize -> Customize User Interface -> ... -> Category: TomTNT Script->Batch_Library_Helper"

Version Requirement: 
Max 2010
Other Software Required: 
Relink Bitmap by Colin Senner
batch_library_helper.ms16.55 KB


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themaxxer's picture

got it... :) but the error

got it... :)

but the error with relink beitmaps is still there. I need a fix.
it is such a great script and timesaver... thanks for your effort.

best regards

themaxxer's picture

Hi how to use this code? or


how to use this code? or where to put?
I am not a coder and I am happy for any help. :)


tomastnt's picture

Thanks fajar

Thanks Fajar. It is working to me also, but it is removing only a bug about folder system. There is still a bug with relink bitmap which I can't solve. I will try to send the report to forum, I hope someone will help.

fajar's picture

for someone...whos having the

for someone...whos having the problem...little patch from me....hmm

fn btnBrowse textPath theCaption iniSect=
	batchlibraryhelperIniFile = getFilenamePath (getSourceFileName()) + "/batchlibraryhelper.ini"
	myDir= getSavePath caption:theCaption initialDir:max_dir	 --"select directory to batch" 
	if myDir!=undefined do
		textPath.text=myDir as string
		setIniSetting batchlibraryhelperIniFile "Presets" iniSect (myDir as string)
on btn_infold pressed do
	btnBrowse text_infold "Select directory to batch :" "max_dir"
on btn_outfold pressed do
	btnBrowse text_outfold "Select directory to save new files :" "output_dir"
on btn_rb pressed do
	btnBrowse text_rb "Select texture directory :" "texture_dir"
tomastnt's picture

Oh sorry

Sorry mates, I din't have a time to answer. I should work on script tomorrow at Sorry mates, I didn't have a time to answer quickly. I should work on script tomorrow at on my business trip. I hope I will solve the bug. It is not working to me also, so I have to solve it. Don't know why it was working nicely at one computer but at the office I have found out it is not working at all. So give me a time to fix bussines trip. I hope I will solve the bug. It is not working to me also, so I have to solve it. Don't know why it was working nicely at one computer but at the office I have found out it is not working. So give me time to fix it.

cgtiger's picture

Batch Library Helper

I hope you don't mind, I have asked our good friend Colin Senner on here to have a quick look at your script, and see if he can fix any simple bugs in it.
Its such a good idea, but it nearly there, but just doesn quite work.
He I think is willing to have a look etc and try and fix it.

He has tried to email you etc, not sure if contact details are in your profile.
Please get in touch with Colin as he is willing to help.

cgtiger's picture

library creator not working

I am really excited about using your script, but I am having some basic probs with it.
Running max in admin mode before you ask...

Really excited this works fully...hope you get there soon with this, As i am not sure its quite ready for full production use...I so want this to work...


if you press the browse button i get a "Unable to convert:undefined to type:Filename" error you get this error?

I can get around it by pasting the path address to folders in the lines, then it works.....then i hit another snag.
I have ColinSenners Relink bitmaps which is an excellent script i must say.
But if that is ticked to use that, then once again its hit or miss whether it works.

I think you need to add a clear material editor function also, as your script attaches models together, therefore making a new multisub, and leftover materials in the editor are left there, not needed obviously but max is still linking bitmaps to the unliked materials, so a Automatic Material Clean up would be a good idea.

good luck with this, by the way i am no coder at all so can't help with that, but i can test things out etc....really good idea for a script...

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