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Quick Merge/Import multiple files.

UI v.1.7


  • Merge multiple .MAX files
  • Import multiple .* files (ie all that can be imported)!
  • Log all files where failed to load to Listener (if any)
  • Multiple history for recent used paths available
  • Limit count of recent paths to keep in history added
  • Group option available
  • Layer option available
  • Attach option available
  • "Auto" option (if is checked no prompt for Merge/Import) *
  • Dialog window is resizeable
  • Auto rename duplicated objects on import

[*] If "Auto" is unchecked then default Max Merge/Import dialog appear for each file.
It is slower alternative, but it is important and useful in some cases.

Additional Info: 

I noticed that there is interest in scripts like "Batch Merge".
I also read the comments and requests, so here's what I created.

Version history:

  • 1.0 - initial version
  • 1.1 - minor code polish up
  • 1.2 - INI file previously saved to Scripts folder, now saved within script source file location
  • 1.3 - added minimal dialogue size when the dialogue is resized
  • 1.4 - suppress the name conflict dialogue when imports and "Auto" option is on (now auto rename)
  • 1.5 - create layer per file using it file name as label
  • 1.6 - minor fixes
  • 1.7 - attach per file as mesh or poly
  • 1.8 - suppress additional imports dialogue; browse for folder dialogue start in recent path
  • 1.9 - auto renaming rewriten (as the auto suggested name is not always correct, now append count digits)
  • 2.0 - now check (by name) for existing layer and create new only if not exist

(TodoList: Remove stored paths that no more exist)

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9+
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Find all lines with this code

mlb_files.items = for f in listFiles collect (filenameFromPath f)
-- and replace ei. add "sort" method
mlb_files.items = sort (for f in listFiles collect (filenameFromPath f))


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the script loads and lists files by random order

Seems like the script loads and lists files by random order instead of by name. Is this on purpose? I can't see the reason behind this. It's a real mess. Otherwise the script is great.

nicks1008's picture

time saver

A huge time saver. thanks alot "Anubis". best thing is that it keeps the history of
recent directories. :)

Anubis's picture

Hey Kino

Thanks for reporting this tipo, I fixed it ;)

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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Small bug

If you have file which name is "0.obj" (zero) it will break the layer creation process. In line 235 FName-variable has filename "0" in it..

Thanks for the great script anyway! :)

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Is there any reason you can

Is there any reason you can think of that this would run slower on Max 2010 64 ?
I've recently switched to 64 bit and importing takes ages compared to 32.
Granted, I am importing 2212 objects, but they come in at a crawl. (about 45 mins)
Maybe a heapsize issue ?

EDIT: Found the problem, if I have Outliner open at the same time as importing it slows to a crawl.

asymptote's picture

Absolutely Perfect!I can't

Absolutely Perfect!

I can't thank you enough, as I've said before I'm totally lost without this little script.
I love the way it now numbers the imported files, the entire scene is more organized , and each object now has a sequential relationship, I can see which file came in, and in what order.

Many thanks for your time and patience on this one :)


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v.1.9 update log

issue detected:
Max auto suggested names for renaming are not always correct.

Now BL append count digits to the duplicating objects names.

Thanks to Richard Missin,
who send me testing files that reproduce the issue.

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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update is out - v.1.8

It was very quick editing, I hope its fine now.

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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Ah, the suggested new name affect just one (current) object, for that Max continue to ask. See the picture above in the description that show "Import Name Conflict" dialogue. Now imagine you have many 3ds and the objects inside them are named "object1", "object2", etc. After importing 1st 3ds, Max will start asking for new name for each new object as the names they have already exist. But do not worry, I'll fix that soon ;)

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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