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!! NEW UPDATE TO v0.6 !!
CRC is a free script for generating car rigs in few clicks.

- few clicks rig creation
- support uneven surface
- supports body, wheels, steering wheel and breaks animation
- i tried to make it as simple as possible

installation: MAXScript->Run Script->install_CRC.mzp then in toolbars search for Frodo's Magic Bag->Car Rig Creator

animation created with this sript:

version 0.3.1:

- added labels to buttons so now you know what buttons do and what you must pick
- as track you cant select geometry object
- removed pivots pre-requirement now are sets automaticly

version 0.4:

- added steering wheel rig
- modifyin track shape after creating rig will not cause any axes helpers scaling

version 0.4.1

- added breaks rig
- fixed deflection of wheels from axes when are conformed to very steep surface
- animation control helpers is more evident (red one named "front axis helper")
- breaks(front or back pair) and steering wheel are not required
- whole script progress can be watched in listener window

in next release (v0.5) will be following features:

- thanks to Shawn Lewis's Follow Surface no max standard conform space warp is needed, so you will be able to set terrain directly in script ui(and thanks this creating of car rig will be mutch easier)
- car speed setup and measurement
- better layer management
- fixed OMG bug on folowing steep terrain

version 0.6

- after two days effort i decided to rewrite the code
- some promised features from v0.5 hasnt beed added :(
- car speed setup and measurement (testing)
- better layer management
- added simple camera with rig(standart)

install_crc_v0.6.mzp640.93 KB


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sarfaraaaz's picture

hi any one explain me how to use crc script plz

hi any one explain me how to use crc script plz

sarfaraaz shaikh

Spline's picture

Not working

It doesn't work at all, error message UNKNOWN ERROR : -- Incompatible types: 297.242, and undefined

3dsmax 2012 64bits


mad's picture

hi, its created via collision

its created via collision map generator, one for each wheel and then used as displace on surface

GrandScheme's picture

Your Car Rig animation on Vimeo

Your Car Rig script is OUTSTANDING. Thanks for making it "Free" by putting it on ScriptSpot. Your animation on Vimeo is great, I love the way you can see the suspension in the car working. I'm fairly new to 3d animation so forgive my newbie question: how did you make the truck's tire tracks?

mad's picture

CiscoCD1: yeah it is because

CiscoCD1: yeah it is because crc is created to use metric units only, but the rig should be created right, only the car speed will be wrong. the second error is becase you set some car part wrong, try to check max listener to see what you mess up :)

cmjohncheng: hmm :) you are right ill consider it in the next version :)

shimp: something like this is not in plan right now but in v0.6 script creates a rigged camera so you can use this, or you can link any camera to the rig by yourself

cmjohncheng's picture


just some suggestion, can change car direction in ur interface? in pre-requirements car from top view, car head is need to face to bottom, but ur interface is reverse...
if same direction i think should be more easy to use..

CiscoCD1's picture

oops! Solved it.

I changed the unit setup to meters and it created the rig successfully. Then I switched back to Feet and decimal inches.

CiscoCD1's picture

Error since the ".6" update.

Great script! Thanks for sharing it.  I installed the update and started to got the following messages for the first time.

"This script doesn't support your system units. Speed will be wrong." and "ERROR : Wrong car nodes assign"

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance.

mad's picture

hi all, because you like my

hi all,
because you like my script i decided to continue working on it :)

mad's picture

hi,i wanna complete this

i wanna complete this script but i dont have time for it :( the latest version is 5.1 but i have mishmash in code so its one big bug :) so i didnt release it and i actually cant help you :( sorry

but maybe better time will come, because we are preparing some projects at work where car rigging is needed so maybe there will be time for it :)

edit: its history... :)

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