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Branko Živković

This simple tool allows you to detach Editable Poly objects in a specific way.

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How it works: Just select a single Editable Poly object (without modifiers) and press the button. No need to select in sub-object mode

You can choose two types of detaching method:
#1 by Elements (every element will be detached to a single object)
#2 by Face Material ID (every Face ID group will be detached to a single object)

Additional Options (see tooltips on checkboxes)

*Randomize Color* - add random wirecolor to detached objects
*Centralize Pivot* - place pivot at the center of detached objects
*Preserve WN* - every detached object will preserve Weighted Normals
*Detach MultiMtl* - every object will have assigned original material
NOTE: this option only works with #2 detach method.

This tool is requested on this page page by EricRLA and 1rv

update 1.1 now detached object (by MaterialID) will have name
"Object Name_Material Name_Unique Number"

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bga_detachplus_v1.1.ms5.2 KB


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dmitrybelonosov's picture

Multiple objects

Good afternoon! Thank you, cool tool! Is it possible to process multiple objects at once together?

Theobarbosa's picture

Hi, how can I find button to

Hi, how can I find button to add in my toolbar?

Theobarbosa's picture

Awesome job! How can I add

Awesome job! How can I add mesh to options? I can´t turn to poly, will crack my model.

igamaximus's picture

Fix bounding box + Force instancing


Thank you for your fantastic work on this tool.

Would it possible to add 2 more magic checkboxes named "Force instancing" and "Fix bounding box"? If these 2 would be checked, at detach phase, the script would check if some of detached objects (elements) are the same, and if they are, these would be turned to instances with fixed (aligned) bounding boxes. No problem if this phase would take some more time to calculate, it would save huge amount of manual work if this would be doable, making it simply the most complete detacher anywhere.

1rv's picture

Just epic!

Simply epic!

todor's picture

Works good, thank you :)

Works good, thank you :)

barigazy's picture


This is the version that you want
- detach by material ID by default and all checkboxes on
- detached object will have only material name

AttachmentSize 5.16 KB


1rv's picture

Many thanks!

Many thanks! It worked.
P.S. What should I change to make "by material id" option + all combo boxes checked by default?

barigazy's picture


Just change line 19 = substituteString "part" (obj.mat[id].name+"_")

if you want only material name without unique number then = obj.mat[id].name

or if you want to add unique number at the end then = uniquename obj.mat[id].name


1rv's picture

'Object Name_Material

'Object Name_Material Name_Unique Number' naming convention is problematic
Could you throw away 'Object Name_' please?

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