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Alexander Kramer (Kstudio)

Object ID and Material ID

  • Management the Material ID and Objects ID.
  • Assigning a wirecolor for objects.
  • Automated creation MultiMatteElement for V-Ray renderer.
  • Automated creation MatteRenderElement for Mental Ray renderer.
  • Automate the creation of CMasking_Mask for Corona Renderer.

EffectsChannel v1.64

  • Fixes an issue with assigning ID to sub-materials in the version 1.62

EffectsChannel v1.62

  • This version speed-up opening on complex scenes.
    The time of opening on a very big scene decreased from 16 sec to 0.094sec.

EffectsChannel v1.60

  • Adds support to Corona Renderer: Automate creation of CMasking_Mask.

EffectsChannel v1.57

  • Add support to EffectsChannelEx from Pavel Kuznetsov.
  • This plugin allows working with Material ID Channel in the range from 0 to 255.
  • You can download it here Download
    if you do not use this plugin the "EffectsChannel" script will be working as previously.

EffectsChannel v1.55

    • Adds the ability to assign ID to materials by material type.

EffectsChannel v1.50

  • Adds the ability to render mask for selected objects by materials
  • Fixes an issue with placing to Medit the VRay materials by effectID

Render Mask for selected objects by materials
This option now available only for vray

 Render a mask for all materials that are present on the selected objects.

If the unselected object have the same material as on the selected,
in this case the mask for him also will be rendered.
In the Random mode the mask is rendered for all objects.
RenderTime and RenderSize equals to current render settings.

See more about rendering mask for selected objects by materials

Additional Info: 

The EffectsChannelSet included in KstudioScripts pack.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014 and above
Other Software Required: 
Vray, Mental Ray and Corona Renderer


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Please send your material to

Please send your material to support_3d-kstudio.com or attach screenshots or etc. to explain a problem.
Also you can create the support tiket on 3d-kstudio

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thanks for the update, but it

thanks for the update, but it doesn't work... I have a multi/sub material and some vray materials inside, and the vray material has an effectID, but NOT the multi/sub material, the script doesn't seem to see the effectID of the vraymaterial.

best regards

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it seems that effectID's

it seems that effectID's (vray) don't get set if the material is in a multi/sub material... it worked previous version of the script.

best regards

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What a time and headache

What a time and headache saver. THANK YOU

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Love this script. It's Saving a lot of time. :)

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Hey Again,

I have downloaded the "track scripts pack" and i see the "Instance material by name" script is updated too, i think is is very good change, not being forced to use material editor and using a list instead, great! now it can work with slate material editor too.

 however, there comes an error very frequently,

i select a vray material which has 5 dublicates, and this comes, can you tell me how to fix this?

By the way, is there a place where i can report bugs about your script pack, this page is for "effects channel set "which makes me alittle "off-topic"


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thanks for the update,

it s great now.:)

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