HCG Asset Browser PRO

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Francisco Hermida

Ver 1.2 - Check the New Video

HCG Asset Browser now FREE!

Current version:1.3.2

Additional Info: 

FIXING .NET error:

  1. Right click the .ZIP file and click Properties
  2. Click unblock button in "General" tab.

Warning: There is no automated installation process, read the readme.txt inside the hcgab folder for more information  

  • Installation folder is now C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts
  • Settings file is now xml
  • When saving new models it will ask if you want to save the associated textures to a subfolder on the same folder were the model will be saved, the textures are renamed to "modelname - texturename" and reasigned to the respective bitmaps.

 v1.3.2 (2014-07-07):

  • Fixed incompatibility with 3ds max 2015

v1.3.1 (2013-12-17):

Know issues:

  • A few material features are broken at the moment.
  • The script will not import old settings.

  v1.2.5 (2012-10-31):

  • Fixed a bug with 3ds max 2013 product update 4

v1.2.4 (2010-11-07):

  • Fixed a bug when loading assets with invalid path.
  • Materials: Removed a error when trying to apply others types of items than materials like maps in the Materials categories.
  • Materials: Reorganized "UVW Set." Panel
  • Materials: Included support to save/apply VrayDisplacementMod with materials
    - At the moment it only save and load the bitmap path of the VrayDisplacementMod "Texmap' slot. "Use object mtl" to store complex Texmap


This script is Free to use


- See and generate thumbnails for your Models, Materials and Textures.
- With few clicks add Models, Materials and Textures to the scene.
- Paint geometry in the scene with a model in your Library.
- Apply materials with automatic UVWmap. The script save uvwmap information for future use.
- Replace models in your scene with another Model of your choice.
- Drag and drop textures to material maps.
- Clean and easy to use interface.
- Advanced options to fit your workflow.



  • Download installation file
  • Execute installation file
  • Start 3ds max
  • Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Keyboard or Toolbars> Category "HCG"> command "HCG Asset Browser PRO"
  • Assign a shortcut
  • Activate the shortcut


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014
Video URL: 
hcgab_1.3.2.zip2.79 MB


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cecofuli's picture

Hi chico, it's possible

Hi chico,

it's possible "Paint" multiple file? For example. I've a 3 different flower in HCG Asset Browser PRO. In the HCG Asset Browser PRO I "SHIFT - Click" three different flowers. Perfect, HCG Asset Browser PRO hightlight the three thumb. Now, If I go in the 3ds max viewport, I want to paint with this 3 different object in the same time, with random position and random usage, or, for example 20% for the first flower, 10% second and 70% the last.
Something like Advanced Painter


Thanks :)

cecofuli's picture

Little, but important request

Hi Chico,
I think it's important the your script can generate something like "Thumbs.db" for Windows. For example, if I've a directory with +100 object, HCG Asset Browser PRO take a lot of time to load each thumb. Every time I open it. So, if I don't add any new max file, the thumbs are always the same. This "speed-up" will be very useful.

cecofuli's picture

2 Bug!


(*) I've a file named tree.max and the relative thumb tree.jpg
(*) In the tree.max I've only a proxy object set to "Preview from file (faces)"
(*) When I import a proxy object with HCG Asset Browser PRO, the proxy setup change to "Preview form file". I think this is a bug.


Sometimes I've this error message:

MAXScript dotNet event handles Exception
-- Runtime error: Struct member access requires istances: GroupAndSlose

So, I need to restart 3ds max.

SIL's picture

Bugs & wish list

Great script! Thanks that did it for free!

When adding material to VRayPlane I get this message:

1. Add feature - search (the system of tags as an extension)
2. Add feature - select what you want to merge - light, cameras, objects, etc
3. Add feature - relink bitmap path for merged models

Francisco Hermida's picture

Fajar: - these two messages

- these two messages are intentional, to alert that these paths aren't valid, about the other error I'm trying to duplicate it here to fix in the next update.

- I will include support only to exclude lights and cameras at the moment, for other objects i believe that is better to clean the model manually.

- About the material it will only save vraydisplacementmod modifier in the next update, others modifiers will be integrated differently in the project.

- Save preset is on the list to be developed, but won't be included in the next update.


- Sorry for the long time to reply, since I released the free version, there are a lot of feedback, some new bugs happening also in different environments, so it's taking a little longer to prepare the update, also I started version 2 of this project that probably will be free as well.

At the moment I can only suggest you to run the 3ds max as administrator and if it not works delete the hcgab.ini in your "scripts/HCGAB/" folder.

If you want a more detailed support please contact me using the form in my website, www.hermidacg.com

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othoap's picture



carlos's picture

Chico is it possible to

Chico is it possible to include on new release:
when u merge one object to your scene group the object.
Select what u want to merge, light, cameras, objects, etc
On materials save all modifiers, not only uvwmap.
Save presets to render thumbnail.

tkx again for ur amazing script.

MichaelB's picture

Now as admin it goes. Thanks

Now as admin it goes. Thanks

fajar's picture

this is what I've got every

this is what I've got every time launching HCG in max 2009...... even after I configure it everything in max 2009 path.....

Error reporting about dotNet error :


run in windows XP sp3 , run as admin, all dotNet installed (1-3.5sp1), max 2009 creativity ext.

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