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LOL – Lost Object Layerer

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This script move the selected objects in a new layer, if your object are not listed in the layer Manager. I have this bug with 3ds max 2016.

Script category: “#todorScripts”.

You can see an example here, how to install my script per Drag and Drop:

DWG Cleanup

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A minor edit to the original script by Jon Seagull, providing major speedups.

Original script here:

Mine just disables viewport and modify panel refresh, and disables undo. The result for me was this took a few seconds rather than minutes.


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A script make houses with a button

ANiBaker "the Animation baker Tools"

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ANibaker is the animation Baker tool, it's allow to convert animation to key frame.
Works with all version of 3dsmax.
If you Bake Animation from Other software Like "Anima AXYZ", you will have a valid Key from them !
3dmaxscript will not be responsable for wrong use of this script. It will never allow you to not get a legal license from other software.

Drag and Drop ANiInstaller.mse on your 3dsmax viewport and let's the plugin install.

Uninstaller is include to remove all (ANiBaker) files.

V1.3 (not realesed yet) Work on the point cache File.

Isolate by MatID

1 vote

super simple scripted modifier that allows you to hide or isolate parts of your geometry by Material ID.

Quick Environment Script V2

3 votes

PolyLattice3 - Use EPoly as FFD deformers

2 votes

Make Spline Knots Planar

1 vote

Make Spline Knots Planar

Spline Poly Bind

9 votes

Creates an empty vertex-only object that you can deform with polybrushes (or any other editable-poly-friendly tool), and the splines will follow the deformation:

Spline Poly Influence

Photographic Composition guides

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I needed a quick way to align some architecture shots. I wanted to set some arbitrary placed guides, and also found that the similar tools available here were outdated, so i'm sharing it here.


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