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Edit curve control

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Edit curve controls in bigger, resizable window:

Curve edit

SubMaterial Picker

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Hi All,

That's a small tool that allows you to pick a sub material from viewport instead of the multimaterial. It automatically loads the material in SME or CME (depending on what you have open). Holding "Shift", will act similar to default picker and it will load the source material.

This tool request came from Krešimir Jelušić on the Facebook group Stack (for more visit the link below). Dave Wortley (aka fb.me/MaxMadeEasy) also contributed with ideas and code. There is still some room from improvement but I'm not sure if I will have the time.

Make Grey

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This script will take all selected objects and make them grey by default.

I get fed up with going into the colour picker to turn objects grey as I work through a blockout. I made this so that I could do it with a single click.

The script will work as a button in the toolbar once setup.


This script takes all selected objects and makes their wireframe and base colour grey if no materials are applied.

To add it to your Max, drag the .ms file into the 3Dsmax viewport.

Max CP

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This tool copy and paste objects between many 3ds max windows. You can add a shortcut like ctr+c ctrl+v.

Script 3ds max V-ray material library

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Brought to mind this script VrayMatLib (V-ray material library)

Now works in all versions of 3ds max.

Checked for serviceability in version 2014, 2016, 2017.

There are instructions in written and video instruction.

Use your health!

miauu's Transfer Edges: Poly <-> UVW

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miauu's Transfer Edges Poly to UVW allows you to transfer(convert) edge selection from editable poly object to edge selection in uvw modifier(uv edges) or to transfer(convert) edges selected in Unwrap UVW modifier(uv edges) to editable poly edges.

Works only with Editable Poly objects.

DSLR Exposure (EV-LV Method)

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DSLR Exposure version 1.10

Set Camera exposure triangle (Iso, Shutter, F-Number) for all selected cameras in the scene.

AE Transfer

5 votes

AE Transfer is the script that allows you to easily export objects and its parameters to Adobe After Effects.

New in version 1.6:

Single Click Render Menu

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renderMenu rollout gives you an ability to start different types rendering (single frame, active segment, specified frames, or single frame at current time) with one click, toggle some render options and adjust animation range. Useful for animations that are being rendered and edited often in different places and segments.

"C" button clears GI cache
"H" button triggers "render hidden geometry" option

IE Tool

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This tool allow the user to import/merge and export/save a lot of objects and files at once!
This is a comercial tool.
Get this tool here:

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