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Show Vert Nums
Quick Z Direction
Distance to Clipboard
Angle to Clipboard

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A few tools that might be of some use. Nothing fancy.


Show Vert Nums Toggle the display of vertex indices of the currently selected object(s).
Uncomment + ": " + coordVal as string in the macro to enable coordinate display as well.

Quick Z Direction Define a direction by picking two points (usually with vertex snap on). Selected objects are realigned with their Z axis pointing in that direction.

Dictance to Clipboard Angle to Clipboard Pick points to define a distance or an angle. The measure is saved in Windows' clipboard, ready to be pasted in a spinner field, script or text file. To replace the dot as decimal separator by a comma, there are two lines to uncomment in the macros.


Installation Open in max and evaluate once. Or save directly to your UserMacros folder. In the Customize User Interface dialog, the macros appear under the category Mesh Infos (don't ask me why). I use the following shortcuts: Show Vert Nums: Ctrl+7 Quick Z Direction: Shift+Ctrl+D Distance to Clipboard: Shift+D Angle to Clipboard: Shift+A

Suggestions? If you have some ideas for similar tools, i.e. short and simple, please post them. I'll just ignore the ones I don't like ;)

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Quick Z Direction + Cylindrify

Hey there! Here's something i tried out with your scripts.

The purpose is to cylindrify the selected polys of the cylinder. It's quite easy to do it when the selection is matching the XYZ world orientaion, but when the polys sit in a different orientation than that of the world I first had to aling a dummy to the polys using your Z script and then align the gizmo of the script to the helper.

Is it possible to make your QuickZ script also work with gizmos in max and other sub-objects? That would be truely awesome!

Thank you!

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Some ideas...

Hey Garb, yet again awesome scripts. Here's some ideas:

Show Verts Num:

Ability to select next vertex number or previous after the first one selected. Or the ability to add consecutive verts to a selection, good for selecting specific loops, so on.

Quick Z Direction: Extremely useful script for me!!!

How bout the ability to select some polys, vertics, etc. and align them to the line(or 3 points, thus plane) you define with ur script, this would be great for streightening surfaces. 1) select polys/edges/etc 2) define the pivot of transformation for the selection 3) define the line 4) result.

Btw, is it possible to affect

Would be great to see these ideas in there,

Aweosme work anyway!

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Show Vertex

Show Vertex Numbers...priceless :)I've been looking for this function for months to work out mesh import problems.

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