miauu's Script Pack vol.2

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miauu's Script Pack vol.2 is a set of scripts that will help you to make faster and easier some of the tedious task when you use 3ds Max.
miauu's Script Pack vol.2 include:

Automates the process of linking objects to the surface of other objects.
 - attach point helpers or any objects in the scene to selected faces or vertices of other objects.
- pick the point where to attach selected objects, using SNAP
- choose to lock the position and/or rotation of attached objects to the position/rotation of the surface, where they are attached.
- attach multiple objects at once
- link multiple objects at once
- can link/attach any objects type to the Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Lines, Editable Splines and Edit Poly modifier objects


 Align selected vertices to the X, Y, Z, XY, YZ or XYZ position of the last selected vertex(used as reference point).

Supported objects are Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Lines, Editable Splines and Edit Poly modifier.

Script idea - Pedro Amorim.


 Easy Peel will help you with UV-mapping your geometry easier and faster.

It works directly with Editable Poly objects, allowing you to get full advantage of its many geometry selection features.

- works with Editable Poly object and Edit Poly modifier, applied to one or multiple objects.
- unwrap to arbitrary map channel.
- hotkeys to quiclky mark, unmark and select edges. Unwrap with Pack On and unwrap with Pack Off.
- can extract the UVs from objects, that are not unwrapped with Easy Peel

Script idea - Hristo Dinev.


 Extrude selected object's polygons set along selected edges or spline path.

 - can extrude a sets of polygons. They can have holes. branches. etc.

- the edge/spline path can be open or closed loop.

- when extruding along edges can process more than one object. The count of edge paths must be equal or grater the count of the objects that will be extruded.

- the object that will be extruded must be Editable Poly objects

- the objects, which edges can bee used as paths can be Editable Poly, or Edit Poly modifier.


 Extrude border edges using the numeric values for the extrude distance in a way that you can't do by default in 3ds Max. You can rotate the extruded edges at arbitrary angle. You can scale the extruded edges.

Support Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier.

You can extrude edges along an arbitrary spline with an option to align the extrusion to edges' normals. You can extrude each edge separately along the spline.
This feature works with Editable Poly objects only.


 Quad cap even sided holes. 

The created topology of the cap can follow the curve of the hole.

Works with Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier.

Script idea - Zarko Bojkovski.


Adjust each set of selected closed edge loops or polygons(which outlines forms closed edge loop) into the form of circle.

 - can change the raduis of created circle

- can rotate created circle

- can preserve the curvature of the object(as much as possible). - support Editable Poly, Editable Mesh, Spline objects, Edit Poly and UnwrapUVW modifier.

- separete macro that allows to directly adjust selection into the form of circle. No UI will be shown.


 With Smart Spline Extrude you can:

 - "fix" splines, created in other 3D-CAD programs and imported in 3DS Max, so you can use them for lofting, or extrude them without problems.

 - extrude in arbitrary direction/angle 

Script idea - Wilbert Blom.

Extrude closed splines in direction that match the normal of the face, that the closed. spline forms.

Script Idea: Stefan Rienth

With Smart sub-object selection you can select whole or partial verts/edges/polys loop or ring. You
can preserve the selected verts, edges, faces and can add new loops and rings to the selection. 

- Works with Editable Poly objects, Edit Poly and Unwrap_UVW modifier.

- For Line and Editable Spline objects only Partial Loop works. The vertices or segments, between the selected will be added to selection.

- Using the Shft key the Dot Loop and Dot Ring can be selected.

- Using the Ctrl key you can expand the selected edges to nearest already selected edges


 Align one selection of vertices to other selection of vertices in few easy steps.

 - automates the tedious proces of moving vertices one by one

- creates seamless match between the selected vertices
- works with soft selection(Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier)
- can stitch verts using closest vert or using verts order
- can weld vertices found in the set threshold
- support Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier. 

Project all or selected vertices of one object onto another object or selection of objects.
The object, whose vertices will be projected must be an Editable Poly, Editable Spline or Line or any object with Edit Poly modifier on top ot its modifier stack.
Works with soft selection.
The vertices can be projected along:
- World X, Y or Z axis
- object's local X, Y or Z axis
- vertex normal of each vert
- current viewport direction(for perspective viewport only)
- custom direction - pick two points to draw the direction of projection
- can project the selected vertices onto the same object.
- can project the selected vertices onto the plane defined by selected face or 3 points, picked on the scene. The vertices can be far away from the face, but they will be projected on the plane that this face forms.
- can project the tangents of spline's knots.
Script Idea - Harold Rinck


Allows you to straighten the selected edges using the constraint to edges. No branches or closed edge loops are allowed. Edge Constraint is used by default. All vertices of the selected edges will be moved using the Edge Constraint.
Works with Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier.

Script Idea - Pawel Lazarow

Allows you to perform Inset command for arbitrary sides of the selected faces.
- Only Editable Poly object is supported.
- two modes of Inset - default for 3ds Max Inset and Inset with Edge Constraint.
- build quads when Inset with Edge Constraint is used. Scrpt idea - algosuk



Align Working Pivot makes using the Working Pivot fast and easy.
With a single click you can align the Working Pivot to the selected sub-objects or to two points selected by using the Snap to Vertex.
Align Working Pivot to Sub-object Selection
- when three vertices are selected the X or Z axis is perpendicular to the plane that these verts forms.
- when one edge is selected the X axis is aligned to the edge
- when two edges are selected the X or Z axis is perpendicular to the plane that these edges forms.
- when one polygon is selected the Z or X axis match the normal of the polygon. The X or Z axis is aligned to the longest edge of this polygon.

                                              Align Working Pivot to Two Points

- pick two points using the Vertex SNAP. The X axis of working pivot will be aligned to the vector between the two pivots.
    Script idea - Pedro Amorim

Save/Load Sub-object selection  allows you to save currently selected verts, edges or polygons and to select them later. Its big advantage against the default Named Selection Sets and Stored Selections - when it saves the sub objects selection it really saved it. The script supports Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier.

Copy Edge allows you to create a copy of the selected edge(s) and to place it at arbitrary distance away from the selected edge.

Edges Extrude Plus allows you to extrude edges in a way that is not possible with the default Extrude tool. You can extrude using Equal Sides or Parallel methods. Watch the video to see what both methods can do.
Works with Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier.
 Script Idea: Evgeniy Ivanov

Easy Move allows you to move objects and sub-objects(vertices, edges, faces, polygons )at arbitrary direction at exact distance from the previous position of the objects. The sub-object movemen supports Editable Poly and Editable Mesh objects and Edit Poly modifier.

Skip Every Nth allows you to select every N-th vert, edge, polygon by skipping the desired elements in between.
In Skip Ring mode you can skip vertices,edges and polygons.
In Skip Loop mode you can skip edges and polygons.
Works with Editable Poly objects.

Show Used Scene Units offers you an easy and convenient way to see the Units Scale your scene is set to. Show Used Scene Units allows you to store the current Units and Home Grid Settings and to load them on demand.
miauu's Align To Axis allows you to select an edge and then to align the whole object to world X, Y, Z axis matching that edge.

See all scripts in action.

This is a commersial script. 

You can find more information here:

Version Requirement: 
3DS Max and 3DS Max Design 2009 - 2021


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miauu's picture


Thank you.
As I wrote you on the email - if you have any suggestions or problems feel free to contact me.

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Thank you

Ive got the scripts, This will be short because I have lots to learn and try and place in order into my workflow, will keep you posted but am very happy, just simply dragged the file to a max window and ticked all then happily sat back while it installed everything on 2014 and 2015 both are running smoothly, have a great week and will talk again


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My email is: [email protected]
You can contact me at any time.

Use the contact form here - scriptspot will send me a message.
I checked my spam folder but I don't know which is the email that you had used to contact with me.

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No response?

My company has been trying to pay you/get software for a week? Can you get us a direct email?

Patrick Thomas

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I send instruction manually.
Sometimes I am at 24 or 36h shift at my work. This is the reason for the delay when I am not at home.
Thanks for understanding.
The instruction to you was sent 5 minutes ago.

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Bought script pack two but nothing back

Hi, I have payment details, I just did not get access to the software, any idea's,,, thanks

Sorry, just saw the 24-36 hours to receive email instructions, thanks man

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I;m impressed. Will mail you

I;m impressed.
Will mail you with some suggestions.

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All scripts in the Script Pack works with 3dsMax 2015.
If someone find a bug - please mail me.

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Update to version 2.9

Bug fixed in Quad Cap Holes.

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Update to version 2.8

    Attach and Link is updated to version 1.3
    -- added Offset capabilities. The Offset spinner can be used to place the attached/linked objects at the desired offset from the point of attachment.
    -- XYZ radiobuttons(next to the Offset spinner) is used to specify the
world axis on which the offset to be performed when the attachment is to spline's knots.
    -- When some modifiers are applied to the spline and there are attached objects to that spline, when the modifiers deforms the spline the attached objects will be moved respectively to the points of attachment.
    -- Offset capabilities idea - Kay Pfingsten

Video Demonstration

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