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Script Power Render Terminate - for 3d Max provides the ability to render multiple cameras at the end can turn off your computer, save rendered images, send e-mail notifications.

 Other versions 2016

Version 1.4.7:

  • Compatible with 3D max 2014

New features in version 1.4.5:

  • Fixed black images in vray 2.30
  • Fixed reset in Mental Ray
  • Added format vrimg

Version 1.4.3:

  • Compatible with 3D max 2013

Version 1.4:

  • Support for 3D Max Version 2012
  • Saving and loading of all settings

Version 1.2:

  • Added the ability to render the animation for each camera is given a separate range of frames (thanks to user ricou)
  • Support for Render elements (thanks to users 3dgopnik, wayne)
  • File format support OpenEXR (thanks to user santex)

Version 1.0:

  • E-mail notification, after rendering, with attached images as separate files or in one ZIP archive (full compatibility with SMTP, SSL/TLS/STARTTLS).


  • Simplify the work with a list of cameras - when you click on the name of the camera, it is immediately activated in the viewport
  • Each individual camera has its own settings: gamma, image size and color mapping for VRay
  • Preview button provides a convenient mechanism for pre-visualization
  • Save the images after rendering
  • Shutdown, hibernate and standby after rendering
  • Autosaving scene after rendering

Russian community: http://vk.com/powerrenderterminate

[email protected]

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014
Other Software Required: 
VRay Renderer MentalRay
install_prt_v.0.1.zip208.55 KB
install_prt_v.0.3.zip232.33 KB
install_prt_v.0.5.zip232.66 KB
install_prt_v.0.6.zip232.81 KB
install_prt_v.0.7beta.zip395.17 KB
install_prt_v.0.8beta.zip379.96 KB
install_prt_v.0.9beta.zip162.3 KB
install_prt_v.0.9beta2.zip163.95 KB
install_prt_v.1.0.zip575.92 KB
install_prt_v.1.2.zip581.51 KB
install_prt_v.1.2.1.zip581.58 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.1.zip588.05 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.2.zip588.15 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.3.zip589.67 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.5.zip588.67 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.6.zip601.65 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.7.zip601.66 KB
prt_147_source_code.zip4.83 MB
prt_source_all.zip3.9 MB


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ricou's picture

Hi IlopX I met some problems

Hi IlopX
I met some problems with render elements... Sometime, PRT don't save them. encounter this problem when I already have (from a previous render) a file name and path file... I change the path and name for my new render and then, at this end, only my render is saving..; I'm not sure but I think I have that problem even if I clear all parameters....
What am I doing wrong ?


ilopX's picture



Snowwolf's picture

Отличнейший скрипт, то что надо!

Спасибо огромное за скрипт!

ilopX's picture


Thanks, I'll fix

ameo's picture


Hi,first tnx for sharing this script, I have a troubles to save render elements when I save my render to exr. proexr didn't find any layers in exr file, or I make something wrong.

ilopX's picture


I can not understand what the problem is
Are you sure that the checkboxes are set to the desired position
Sorry for this problem

checkboxes.jpg 301.23 KB
taoklai's picture

render elements

Alpha, Render ID, Z depth ...and they don't get saved in the specified path... :(

ilopX's picture

Exactly which elements you add

Exactly which elements you add?

taoklai's picture

render elements

I seem to have a problem with the render elements...they don't render
Help :(

(I'm using max 2010 with vray)

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