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Script Power Render Terminate - for 3d Max provides the ability to render multiple cameras at the end can turn off your computer, save rendered images, send e-mail notifications.

 Other versions 2016

Version 1.4.7:

  • Compatible with 3D max 2014

New features in version 1.4.5:

  • Fixed black images in vray 2.30
  • Fixed reset in Mental Ray
  • Added format vrimg

Version 1.4.3:

  • Compatible with 3D max 2013

Version 1.4:

  • Support for 3D Max Version 2012
  • Saving and loading of all settings

Version 1.2:

  • Added the ability to render the animation for each camera is given a separate range of frames (thanks to user ricou)
  • Support for Render elements (thanks to users 3dgopnik, wayne)
  • File format support OpenEXR (thanks to user santex)

Version 1.0:

  • E-mail notification, after rendering, with attached images as separate files or in one ZIP archive (full compatibility with SMTP, SSL/TLS/STARTTLS).


  • Simplify the work with a list of cameras - when you click on the name of the camera, it is immediately activated in the viewport
  • Each individual camera has its own settings: gamma, image size and color mapping for VRay
  • Preview button provides a convenient mechanism for pre-visualization
  • Save the images after rendering
  • Shutdown, hibernate and standby after rendering
  • Autosaving scene after rendering

Russian community: http://vk.com/powerrenderterminate

[email protected]

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014
Other Software Required: 
VRay Renderer MentalRay
install_prt_v.0.1.zip208.55 KB
install_prt_v.0.3.zip232.33 KB
install_prt_v.0.5.zip232.66 KB
install_prt_v.0.6.zip232.81 KB
install_prt_v.0.7beta.zip395.17 KB
install_prt_v.0.8beta.zip379.96 KB
install_prt_v.0.9beta.zip162.3 KB
install_prt_v.0.9beta2.zip163.95 KB
install_prt_v.1.0.zip575.92 KB
install_prt_v.1.2.zip581.51 KB
install_prt_v.1.2.1.zip581.58 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.1.zip588.05 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.2.zip588.15 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.3.zip589.67 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.5.zip588.67 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.6.zip601.65 KB
install_prt_v.1.4.7.zip601.66 KB
prt_147_source_code.zip4.83 MB
prt_source_all.zip3.9 MB


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dead_lyric's picture


please 2016max!!

chakib's picture


Yes it's important sgoo but sadely this script and the other batch scripts here don't save it... Back to backburner !

sgoo's picture

necessary function for the script

Hi ilopX, thanks for the script. I think that it is a very helpful tool for all. But the script dont save image with settings color corrections from the V-ray frame buffer. You can add to the script this function? Sorry for my bad English.

Haider of Sweden's picture

Small bug regarding gamma value

When I create a camera, it copies the default values of the Mapping Type, Dark Multiplier and Bright Multiplier.

But it seems like it missed to transfer the Gamma values.

Kind regards

Skyslider's picture

32bit space

He does not save in 32 bit space, in consequence of which it is impossible to adjust the exposure. For me this script fucking garbage. Thank you and goodbye.

ricou's picture

Delay's parameter before...

In "Action after - computer power", could it be possible to set the delay before computer shutting down and so on...?

Anyway, cool script, thx

chakib's picture

Thanks but...

I have a problem :

i'm using a vraylens effect and after finishing the render with PRT : it isn't applied ! so i guess you should reactivate please the "show framebuffer"... I hope you can find a solution for that option because it's very useful to apply the effects at the end !

Thank you

Haider of Sweden's picture

A small feature suggestion (bug fix?)

This could be considered as a small bug-fix.

Since there is a Vray Color Mapping support for each camera, I suggest that it reads the current value for Dark Multiplier, Bright Multiplier and Gamma from MAX and uses those for default in PRT, instead of overwriting the current values with default from the script.

I could of course, remember which values I had, and then retype them into PRT, but I cannot see why PRT should overwrite the original custom values to start with.

Thank you for a great tool :)

Kind regards

Kallinski's picture

Does not work right for me

I tried this tool in version 1.46 with Max2012 and Vray 2.20 but got some problems.

First is that PRT allways wants to shut down my workstation after finishing the renderjob.

Second is that Vray framebuffer is not used so for example tone corrections are ignored.

Have I done something wrong while the installation or what is the problem?

3dgopnik's picture


Когда намечается обновление?

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