Quad Cylinder

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Vojtech Cada

Since I've written a few functions to make my life easier while working on the Gear primitive (plus one that I later discarded, intended to fill holes), I figured I could just as well make a quad cylinder as a much simpler example how to tie these functions together. Enjoy and feel free to rip the code apart and reuse it.

Additional Info: 

Installation: Copy the .ms file to your scripts\startup folder or run as a script if you only want to try it out. The object primitive will be available under Examples in the Create panel.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 9, VIZ 2008
Other Software Required: 
for Max 9/VIZ 2008 AVGuard extension is needed
quadcyl.ms10.31 KB


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FishMan's picture

"Remove quad cap" and "Save as default"?

I wonder could you also add ability to remove quad cap?
This will be handy for complete replace standard cylinders with yours.
I mean sometimes you don't need complex cap on cylinders (e.g. making lowpoly for games).

Also Save as Default for all the settings will be cool.

vusta's picture

thanks again...


Swordslayer's picture

Much easier than what you described

Instead of making the bottom, creating sides and then capping the top vertex loop, you'd just make the center vertex loop, cap the top, cap the bottom. No need to weld anything Cool See the attached file (no cleanup, just a half-sized version of the quad cylinder).

Anyway, what's the use for a full quad sphere? Never used it myself (well, only to cap cylindrical parts - and for that, there's the quad cylinder).

quadSphere.ms 5.32 KB
vusta's picture

ok...now how hard is it to create the cap only (ie. height 0)

then instance it, rotate it 180, weld (assuming you've removed the bottom faces) and voila you have a quad sphere (that I didn't have to Spherify from a cube) ?

luxxeon's picture

This is excellent.

A very useful, and welcome addition to my primitives collection. The spherical cap is very handy for a variety of things. Well done.

vidivini500's picture


Wonderful! Thanks

Swordslayer's picture

Sphere Cap

Rejoice! I've added the spherical cap functionality. With a switch you can now make the top cap flat or spherical. I might update the gif tomorrow, no access to max now.

Swordslayer's picture

My pleasure

Think of the functions as nodes and there you have it :) I might add a hemisphere full-quad cap, that could be interesting - thanks for the indirect idea. Any clue what to name that switch/feature? It's always these little details that I spend most time on, should it be radioButtons or checkBox, what to call it, and so on...

vusta's picture

YES finally...no more polar verts

Thanks very much...not that I can read much maxscript...

(now if I spherify this, would it be better than spherifying a cube...)

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