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A tool to import and dynamically update model from Revit into 3dsmax.

NB: This script is now replaced by the Mirza Link manager

From all of this softs you get in 3dsMax geometries based on the materials.
You get 1 mesh per material. Instead of various results.
(for ex. instead of 1 mesh per Revit construction elements from Revit if you use standard import, you get here 1 mesh per Revit material)
Also there is a problem of scale with standard FBX import that makes it impossible to have correct UVWMaps. This is fixed here.

as you update the model :
-the materials from old objects are copied onto the new model
-UVW maps also, as well as VrayDisplacement maps
-The new objects get placed in same selection sets as their predecessors
-Object properties (like cast shadows etc..) are copied into the new ones

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Drag and drop the .mzp file, a new item is created in "Mirza Tools", in the "Tools" menu.


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New version

Hi all,
there is now a new version of the script that is available here:
Sorry for not answering to the comments, was busy at that time, and then forgot about it.

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MZP corrupt

I was able to go to the link, click it and then get another link that says "click this link if your download doesn't begin".. I actually right click and save as and the mzp downloads. I noticed it's just a 1kb file and when trying to execute, a Runtime error pops up saying "Missing or invalid zip package". I noticed this has been posted several years ago, but wondering if this script would be better than the current Link Revit importer in Max 2015?

Would be nice if you could import the model and not have to touch the UV's. I have another Autodesk Material Converter script specifically for converting the Autodesk materials to Standard.

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Link Doens't work

Heya mate, the link still doesn't work.

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Still Can't download

Hi Mizra,

We appreciate you have a life outside of this, however would really appreciate these scripts.

I have tried to contact you through your website and understand your busy and possibly get a lot of enquirers.

I am happy to pay through paypal to get the revit and archicad script before you send me the scripts. Just need to know they are still available and you are willing.

Clark Bickford
Rendersmart Australia

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the download link on your

the download link on your site isn't working.please check

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Hi still cant get the file :)

Mike Nowsson

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Sorry for the last file being not working

The file available to download was truncated and didn't work correctly.
Now it should work as expected

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