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cometScripts Macro-Suite

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This ZIP contains ALL the scripts below in script form - as well as macroscript wrappers and icons so that you can easily add these to MAX's quads - menus - keyboard shortcuts and toolbars. Just download - and follow the instructions in the README for installation. Less than 300k download. All my MACRO versions of my scripts are placed in the 'Comet Cartoons' category.

RappaTools v1.92

558 votes

RappaTools3 and RappaTools2 available... see new website: http://remusjuncu.com/rappatools/

See RappaTools3 PlayTime 02 Here  and RappaTools3 PlayTime 03 Here !

selection tools

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Several macros to set coordinates system - toggle window/crossing selection - and to change axis restriction. Put them into your favorite quad menu - and you can ditch the main toolbar away. Good for viewport-space-hungy users.


16 votes

Lets you run any of the SoulburnScripts from a handy dropdownlist.

Run the script in UI form, now select a soulburn script you'd like to run from the dropdown list. Hit Do. It will run that script.

Revision History:
v 1.01 Increased height of the dropdown list to accomidate more scripts.
v 1.02 Increased height of the dropdown list again. Defined ui as new function. Defined a new mode called Expert Mode.
v 1.03 Added some new code to more cleanly open and close the UI.
v 1.04 Replaced the Close button with a Help button. Use the X button to Close the Floater.


26 votes

"RealSizeTB is made to view and edit exact size of objects - single and grouped . You can scale to exact size on one or all axes without tools or coordinates switching. Interactive. Auto-updating. Simple and easy to use.
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Quick Parent

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A script for 3dsMax 5 - 2013 eliminating the need for the native link tool by replicating the classical Maya workflow: Select objects and execute script (e.g. by pressing the P-key on the keyboard - in case you choose to define P as it's shortcut). All selected objects become parented to the last selected object.

SOP : S.pit O.ut P.roperties

32 votes

SOP - displays the children names, parent name & properties of 1 selected item in semi-dynamic rows based on the available screenEstate. Also draws poly lines from the selected object to it's hierarchical kin. Basically, this just posts all properties of the selected object so that we can visually check an object's props. - This works with most classes.
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Anaglyph Previewer

42 votes


70 votes


Because I find the old icons set clearer and more visually efficient that the one currently provided with 3dsMax since release 2010, I wrote this little script to install it again properly.

WkOldStyleLook - a WerwacK script





23 votes

Converts copied objects into instances of the original. Note that this is still very much a WIP: there has been minimal testing; there is not UI - etc. Your mileage may vary...

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