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Toggle Diffuse

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With Toggle Diffuse you can turn on and off all scene materials. It supports all Max's (except MentalRays)materials, plus VRay's and ThinkingParticle's. The avandage is that it searches through the materials' and maps' tree to turn on the first map that has an option "Show in Viewport".

Nitrous Set Texture Size Limit

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This is a simple script to set the Nitrous viewport texture limit size.

To run it just open the script and evaluate it (Ctrl-E). v1.1 now adds a "Kelly's Tools" category in UI customize which I will start using for all future scripts."

Kelly Michels
kelly.michels at autodesk.com
Senior 3ds Max QA
3ds Max Beta Manager


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this script assign lightmaps to every selected objects.

you must insert lightmap path, and you can choose uv channel e texture formats.

to assign a shortcut: "customize user interface" -> "mainUI" -> "compariello"

* in this case, the script works with vray lightmap suffix (max 2008 & 2009). if you want to use with other ambient texture suffix, write a comment!!

** just you must have materialID equal to number of multimaterial list.


24 votes

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