TronoTools: Animated Gravity Helper / Projection Path

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How would your object be projected with gravity? Nothing is more annoying than to see basic physics being broken!

This little helper creates a help path for your object to show you the most realistic path it will follow when falling from it's initial path. Keep your objects to the right scale and speed, and this script should be 99% correct for almost any object. (Feathers excluded ;))

It has very basic functionality for now, but if there's a demand I would look into adding more. Usage: Set some animation keys on any object. Set the timeline to the last key or where you want to calculate the projection path from and run the script. Set how many frames to calculate and other features as needed. It should be pretty self explanatory!

This is the inital release, so it has not been heavily tested. I have compared the results to physx and it looks to be doing things correct. If you find any bugs let me know and I'll try to improve on it! 

This tool was never intended to be 100% physically correct, but close enough to trick the eye. To prevent animators animate objects flying in straight paths etc. Also known as the Hollywood Gravity :)
Tons of fun YouTube videos on the "phenomenon" if you search for it.

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