Vertex Normals Stitcher

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Budi Gunawan

This script averages vertex normals at the borders (Open Edges).

It allows you to smooth a surfaces after separating vertexs / edges / faces.
(example: after detaching faces or splitting edges).
It still keeping a hard Edges if the object have multiple Smoothing Group ID

Images shown are not a welding operation

New UI :

Additional Info: 

So make sure the selected objects can be converted to poly
and the boundary has the same position among them.

find another notes in the info buttons and the tooltip on any buttons.

Vertex Normals Stitcher V.1.0
- Main idea Tools.
- macroscript & encrypted files.

Updated :
Vertex Normals Stitcher V.1.2
- Added "Keep Modifiers" as an option.
- correct some button names.

Element with element mode : select 1 or more objects, then run this script.
,this will fix the normals at border on each elements.

Object with object mode : select 2 objects, then run this script.
it's such as sewing delicate the border.

Known Issues:
This is a new version of this script, but still has some limitation:
especially when turning on "keep Modifiers" toggle.
See Read_Me.text in the packed.

install :
Download then unpack the rar-files

1. for .mcr file :
- Drag and drop the Vertex_Normals_Stitcher.mcr files onto viewport
- then find it under Customize >> CustomizeUserinterface, Category 'BG tools'.
- and then Assign into keyboard, toolbars, Quads or menus.The button name is 'Normal Stitch'

2. for .mse file :
- Put 'BG-Vertex_Normals_Stitcher.mse' into "scripts\BG_Script" folder
ie: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\Scripts\BG_Script

Version Requirement: 
vertex_normal_stitcher.gif489.36 KB
vertex_normals_stitcher_v.1.0.rar510.84 KB
vertex_normals_stitcher_v.1.2.rar534.8 KB
ui-vertex_normal_stitcher.gif32.34 KB


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it must be converted to poly,

it must be converted to poly, not in edit mesh

Budi G's picture

Vertex Normals Stitcher V.1.2

Updated ! :)

Please read 'Known Issues'

Budi G's picture

My pleasure :)if i had a

My pleasure :)

if I have a time, maybe in a couple day a script will released to next version with fully optimize

milie's picture

It works!

Thank you for adding this option :)

Budi G's picture

@headd :for a quick

@headd :
for a quick answer
this beta version has been updated with your request.not yet fully optimized.
I still build for the next version with a few options so I just uploaded here for a while.

just notes:
- 2 objects must have Skin modifier before use the 'keep skin' toggle.
- Skin modifier should be at the top level
- it will collapse into poly except a Skin modifier.
if you have morpher or Custom Attributes it will gone.
- a bit extra, you must press 'ok' button when appears 'Load Envelopes' dialog.
(no longer necessary arrangements in this operation)

Install: you can replace the old mse with a new file or drag and drop into the viewport to be tested first.

bg-vertex_normals_stitcher.mse 18.65 KB
milie's picture

Thank you for your

Thank you for your response.
The usage is as follows; presume i have a character that has it's limbs and head detached from the body, as separate objects, but skinned altogether.
They are detached for game character customization (different heads, arms, legs), but share the same vertex at the seams.
So, basically it's separate objects with skin modifiers applied.

Thanks again.

Budi G's picture

thanks branko :D if you want

thanks branko :D
if you want to see my method, I can share for you and Jantaria, just give me your valid mail.

Budi G's picture

hi guys... you're welcome @

hi guys... you're welcome

@ headd:
yup... that's possible.

I have a few method to do that but I need to know your workflows first.

1. did you detach the mesh to element or new objects ?
2. did you skinning the objects first before detached ?
3. do you have turbo/mesh modifiers on top skin ?

or you can explain it, such as:

- turbo/mesh smooth -- or no need it
- skin 
- morpher --- maybe.. ?
- edit normals --- maybe.. ?
- uvw mapping -- maybe.. ?
- editable poly/mesh -- base object

if not correct, the action script can't works in a few case or works but messed ( means resetting ) again by some modifiers
because the user likely have a modifier before or after the skin modifier.

edit_normals will work smoothly before skin but will messed again
when you have turbo/mesh smooth on top level.

edit_normals will work smoothly after skin but will messed again by skin itself when you play the Time Slider.

as I know it's diferrent workflow between movies/series(medium/high poly) and game (low/medium poly)

so give me some information about your workflow.
if I was able to know about this information I will update later with 'keep skin modifiers' as an option.

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You solved normals issue, cool.
I was hoping you'd show a solution on the forum, but you posted encripted version.
Watch out, AD always looking to grab any fresh idea for new max verion



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Nice one, Thanks !!!

Nice one, Thanks !!!

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