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3DS Max - Remove Materials Utility Has No Undo - Fixed With Maxscript

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In this tutorial, we will learn how we can replace the Remove Material utility with our own tool using a single line Maxscript, and we will learn how to convert this line of code to a regular tool by creating a button for it and place it on our toolbar. The reason for this is that the built-in tool is missing the Undo operation.

3DS Max Copy With Reference Point Like In AutoCad

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In this tutorial, we'll learn how to copy objects using reference points on
other objects, so that the copies will respect the same distance and orientation. If you're an AutoCAD user you already know how to do this operation in AutoCad.

3DS Max - Bad Result With The Bridge Tool - Fix

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In this tutorial, we will deal with the unwanted results of the Bridge command that can occur sometimes.


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Parkalot is a quick-merging tool I've been personally using for ages within 3Ds Max.

Parkalot lets you 'park' your object in a quick and user-friendly way. Simply name the project and file, and 'unpark' the scene where you need it!

Perfect for keeping your scene merging or object sharing between artists quickly and easily.

Make sure to set up a 'parking' directory for use between different max versions(or artists).

Any feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!


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P_MorpherHelper is a script to support the basic Morpher modifier of 3ds max. It is recommended to use it with a basic Morpher modifier.

-Simple Morpher Listener
   (This is a Very simple listener, but you can control up to 80 channels at the same time without difficult settings of any Morpher Objects.)
-Move Multiple Channel
-Multi Extract
-Multi Reload By Name

Prepare object for UE4

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This simple macroscript prepare selected objects to export to unreal engine.

Select objects and execute the macro script will do the nexts steps for all of them:

- Center pivot on Z base
- World align pivot
- Reset Xform
- Convert to Edit Poly
- Callapse to Editable Poly

3DS Max - Can't Weld Vertices On Meshes Or Splines - Fix

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In this tutorial, we'll why vertices won't weld on meshes or splines and
How to fix this problem.

Measure Distance-Extend

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this Script for Measuring the Distance between 2 points (Similar to 3ds Max Measure Distance Tool), But with Projection Distance on X,Y and Z Axis - to exit Script window press Escape . How to Install: Drop it to any 3dsmax viewport or from Scripting menu / run Script you will find it in _My Scripts_ Category. How it Works: this is MacroScript so you need to make shortcut or quad menu or toolbar button to it better to make shortcut to it something like (Alt+M) Execute the macro and pick 2 points .

UPDATE v1.1 :

Corona Render Elements Manager

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3DS Max Slider Manipulator Control Multiple Parameters In Multiple Objects. Plus The Fake Watermark!

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In this video, we learn how to use the Slider helper to control multiple parameters in multiple objects at once. Plus, in the final part of this tutorial, at minute 25:03, we will see how some users used this tool to create a fake watermark.

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