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This script is very useful for car exterior modelling. It allows you to create really smooth polygonal surface using splines or NURBS curves to control the shape of the surface. Also allows you to control the edge loops of the surface. With this script you have to draw only the borders of the surface you want. Watch the video or the help page for more information!

This is a commercial script. Buy it for $30 or download and try the trial version.

Version info:
2.0 (2011. Dec 05.) Script has protected.
1.9 (2011. Nov 19.) New shape tools (randomize shapes color, convert shapes to spline, convert shapes to NURBS curve, fuse endpoints of shapes).
1.8 (2011. Aug 23.) Small changes on interface, available to assign material to surface, new mirror function, available to assign keyboard shortcuts to 4 buttons, remember the dialog's position in undock mode.
1.7 (2011. Aug 16.) 3 and 4 shapes button, available to undock/dock the panel, random surface color, small changes in algorithm.
1.6 (2011. Aug 07.) Bug fixes, new directory structure, new installer, new help file, available to generate UVW coord, available to run the script on max startup, toolbar icon to run the script.
1.5 (2010. Dec 15.) Extra functions added. Now you can add some standard modifiers (UVW map, Turbosmooth, Mirror, ...) or you can pick predefined modifiers from other objects. Also you can set the material Ids.
1.4 (2010. Oct 18.) Bug fixes.
1.3 (2010. Oct 18.) User interface has changed. You can set the distance threshold of the endpoints. Manually update available.
1.2 (2010. Jan 26.) Small bug fixes. The functions are renamed to avoid crashes with other scripts.
1.1 (2010. Jan 13.) Extra functions added: Now you can switch off the follow normals method.
1.0 (2010. Jan 8.) First release

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3ds Max 9 SP2 or later
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I've made a smaller/faster/free and open to customization alternative, so you might want to check it out: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/mesh-surface

Plus (provided that you keep the script in startup folder so it's always awailable)you can always go back to any of the created objects and change the width/length segments settings with instant viewport feedback (it's a parametric object).

Recent rants and code snippets:

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this is the file try to use it

try to use this after you run this script go to utilities toolbar or hammer toolbar

polygoncreator.mse 154.13 KB
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Please bring it back! If you

Please bring it back! If you don`t want to support it anymore you can release as a free script. :)

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Seems to suffer from a

Seems to suffer from a 'direction' problem - one spline - the starter spline - has to be drawn clockwise and the rest of the four anticlockwise and is the order you also pick them in. If you don't do that it just creates a mess. I've tried picking as shown in the video, but it just doesn't work. I think it's fair to say that this plugin is overpriced and needs attention.

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keeps saying something

about end points to be at same coordinate,,, both 2012 and 2014...


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