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Shannon Dees

QuickToolsA collection of useful maxscripts and max features combined into one tool window. Most of the scripts I wrote myself. Some I did not write - but included as I use them regularly and find them to be extremely efficient work flow enhancers - furthermore I found no need to reinvent already solid wheels. Full credit is given to all script's authors both in the code comments and on the about page - however if for some reason I have neglected to give proper credit please let me know and I will rectify any and all such oversights. Furthermore - should anyone be unhappy that these are included I can remove them from the public release version. Finally any tools not categorized by those first descriptions are just standard max affairs to which I have given more convenient access - or are standard max affairs that have been slightly altered to suit certain production needs.



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Intended for use with Max 7, 8, 9, 2008, 2009, 2010 - though most scripts will work in 5 and 6 as individual entities. However Max 5 and 6 are unsupported.

Visit http://www.anonymousempire.com/shannon/tools.htm further detailed info...

Setup is a simple installer, just run and point to the correct directory as you normally would installing any program.

Installin in 3dsMax8
or wherever your 3dsMax resides.


Fixed the old installer bug.

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7, 8, 9, 2008, 2009, 2010
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Thank you very much Jahman!
This actually worked :D

Kind regards

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try to search at web.archive.org

Haider of Sweden's picture


Does anyone still got this tool package, and could you upload it somewhere?

Kind regards

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Many many thanks for this script. This is very helpful. It's working fine in max2012 64bit

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Not working with 3Ds Max 2014

Please please update your tool. Currently it is not working with the latest version of 3Ds Max.

bragibjornson's picture

@silentbullet: have you


have you tried this for either 2009/2010?

Ive been using this script on 2009 for about a year without any problem.

Since a majority of the buttons just call native .max macros and functions, i don't think there is anything that really needs to be updated for the newer versions...

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can u modify this script to

can u modify this script to run in max 2009/2010??

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thanks for this

thanks for this

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yes , Great script. Thanks

yes , Great script.


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Check out this page for

Check out this page for details - http://www.anonymousempire.com/shannon/quicktools/

You just need to go to Customize / Customize UI, change the category to Quicktools then assign a keyboard shortcut to "Launch Quicktools"

Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant
Admin, ScriptSpot.com

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