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Polyline Pro

19 votes

miauu's Scalpel

8 votes

Snap Verts

7 votes

Snaps selected vertices to the closest vertices of the target object.
Works on Editable_Poly and Edit_Poly, at any level in any modifier stack.
Also works inside the same mesh (if you pick the same object as target object)

This is based on this script: http://visionlore.com/lab/snapverttovert.php


51 votes

QuickToolsA collection of useful maxscripts and max features combined into one tool window. Most of the scripts I wrote myself. Some I did not write - but included as I use them regularly and find them to be extremely efficient work flow enhancers - furthermore I found no need to reinvent already solid wheels. Full credit is given to all script's authors both in the code comments and on the about page - however if for some reason I have neglected to give proper credit please let me know and I will rectify any and all such oversights. Furthermore - should anyone be unhappy that these are included I can remove them from the public release version. Finally any tools not categorized by those first descriptions are just standard max affairs to which I have given more convenient access - or are standard max affairs that have been slightly altered to suit certain production needs.

Conform to Spline

22 votes

This script allow you conform(snap) selected verticies to a spline

Pair Vertex Collapser

3 votes

SnapVertsToGrid Modifier

2 votes

This is a simplemod plugin that will snap all the vertices of the object to the grid based on the grid snap spacing value.

Note that this modifier is the legacy version. If you have Max 2016+, you should use Brushify instead.

Snap2Object Tool

32 votes

Snap2Object Tool



8 votes

* Moves selected or all vertices of one or more objects to nearby vertices or grid points
* You can snap multiple selected objects with one click
* Only snaps to and from Editable Poly or Editable Mesh objects, other types are disregarded
* You can filter out hidden, frozen or currently selected objects to gain snap speed on larger scenes
* Use the "selected" flag to keep objects apart when snapping multiple ojects
* Added axis constraints
* Lower seek distance speeds up large snap selections in large scenes

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