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Nick Moutafis

Hello there,

I'm back after long time with a new script about file retargeting. If you try it, let me know what you think.

See the video for more (sorry for the bad sound).


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***Update 20/11/11
BugFix: Under certain circumstances the duplicate check didn't worked and I fixed it.

***Update 13/11/11
I've added support for UNC missing files. (in the next version this will be optional cause Asset Tracking is a bit slow for searching missing Network Paths)

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I think I found the problem!

I think I found the problem! You probably have something of the following in your paths. \n \r \t \x and that's why it doesn't work.. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

That's probably the reason why I didn't notice it. Cause it doesn't work under certain circumstances.

Problematic example:
"C:\Users\Sinok\Desktop est\A1.jpg"

I think I fixed it. Please download the new version :)

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weird cause if you saw the

weird cause if you saw the video, it worked for me.. can you please mail me this test scene with these textures at (sinokgr @


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Hey Again

I made a quick test scene with two textured objects...

texture_B assigned them changed their directories so that they would not be found.

i dublicated the two files into a subfolder.

Next time, i opened the scene, it asked me to chose which of the files and i just pressed "done" and the two files were still shown as missing.

so it s not about xrefs... the dublicate file, selector does not do any operations atm. :(

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weird, it is supposed to work

weird, it is supposed to work xrefs too. I captured a video where I have XRefs in my scene and it seems to work just fine.

Can you please do me a favor? Try not to change anything on the popup for the duplicates, just press "done" and tell me if there are still missing.

Thanks! :)

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Hi again,

I think BUG#2

The feature to select the correct file when there are more files with same name in different sub directories,

the feature is really good and handy but i think it does not actually accomplish the file-linking task...

in two different scenes, i chose the correct files but the files still reported as missing.

It maybe because the problematic meshes were in an "xref scene" so that i ti could not interfere with its paths, but i know some script can relink those xref stuf aswell.

great feature again.

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hm.. The drag-n-drop feature

hm.. The drag-n-drop feature is something that I don't usually support in my scripts. MaxScript needs a very specific procedure to be done in order to support the drag-n-drop feature that I don't usually follow it. I'll keep it as a feature request but I can't promise that I'll add it. That's why, in my site I have specific instructions on how to install it.

thanks for your support! :D

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Glad to hear that, i will enjoy contributing to your script!

Bug#1 - the mzp file did not install as it should by dragging it to the viewport.

runing it through maxscript\run script installed fine!

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Hi there, 1. It is already

Hi there,

1. It is already supported (if you mean that it should read both tiff and TIFF) but you gave me another idea for another feature.
2. Nice one I'll add this on the nect update.
3. Ok no probs.
4. Already supports it via right click menu.

Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate it!

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I will definitely test your script for bugs and such but from what i can see , it may take a few humble suggestions already!
As i am suggesting right now, i am also comparing this script against the most usefull one that i have been using for years so any of the suggestions below (if applied properly) will take your script a few years forward in time.

#1 - "Ignore Case" option. For FILES like ThIs One.TIF

2# - An adress bar for "fast-pasting" "paths".just like pasting www adress to a browser. Two-clicks and "BAM" it should be linking stuff already.

3# - changing the order or stored paths for having a more "organized look"
for example, i may select a path and hit the "up" button button so that it will move it upper part or to top of the list"

4# - partial linking feature.

if i select and hightlight only 5 files From the missing paths list, and select 1 or 2 paths from the path list(by holding ctrl), it will make "linking" ONLY for those selected files in those selected paths.

this is as far as i can tell, hope this helps, it would be such a great script for sure.

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You're welcome. If you find

You're welcome. If you find anything that bugs you.. or if you need any new feature just post it. I will be a bit busy until christmas but I'll try to catch up later.. cheers

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