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Nick Moutafis

Hello there,

I'm back after long time with a new script about file retargeting. If you try it, let me know what you think.

See the video for more (sorry for the bad sound).


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***Update 20/11/11
BugFix: Under certain circumstances the duplicate check didn't worked and I fixed it.

***Update 13/11/11
I've added support for UNC missing files. (in the next version this will be optional cause Asset Tracking is a bit slow for searching missing Network Paths)

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sarahpotti's picture

missing files

Could you please help me here I still have missing files after running the script.
I am sending a screen capture.

relink.png 208.95 KB
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Hi Nick, sorry for the late

Hi Nick,

sorry for the late reply.
It's not about the texture paths, but the shader files themselves. (.dsts)
(Max will find them if they are in the same path as the 3ds max file or below or in one of the standard paths, even if the saved path is empty, but while they are still set to the old path, they will be ignored by network rendering.)

sinokgr's picture

I've downloaded the free

I've downloaded the free plugin for 2012 but unregistered users can't change paths so I could only load your shaders.
I then tried to use VRay's Simbiont shader and everything worked fine. VRay's material read your *.dsts files and I assigned a couple of textures. I then moved the textures in a different folder and I used my tool to relink the shaders. Everything worked fine.
Can you please re-send me the same 3dsMax scene. The only change I need you to do, is to apply some textures before sending the scene (include the textures too).


Herr Bert's picture

Wow, and here I was worried

Wow, and here I was worried if the script was still maintained at all.
Thank you for the speedy response!

Here is a link to the free plugin.
(Latest ones can be a bit tricky to install, though. So if you have still Max 2011 or 2012 that would be the easiest solution. If you need a version for 2013/14 let me know. )

and here a testscene.

It's basically a material plugin and the shaders are linked inside of the material, so that might cause the problems. (But your tool ist the first I found which does at least list them in the missing files. )

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Unknown system exception

Thanks mate,

I have never used darktree shaders. Can you please upload somewhere a sample scene with a darktree shader in order to try to support it?


Herr Bert's picture

Unknown system exception

This is a great tool. :)
However, while it lists my missing simbiont darktree shaders, it fails to relink them. "Unkown System exception."

sinokgr's picture

Great! :D If you have any

Great! :D If you have any problems/ideas and stuff please let me know :)

xXGaoRXx's picture

Thank you this really is the

Thank you this really is the script i was expecting!

THX !!

sinokgr's picture


Thank you very much for your support and for your kind words! :D I've almost finished writing the new UI! :D

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this tool deserves much more

this tool deserves much more attention and praise! hope you get it after your rewriting/update ;)

Never get low & slow & out of ideas

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