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Unwraps all objects in a selection using Max's built-in flatten function based on the specified parameters. Intended mainly for texture baking.

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Some minor additional functionality is planned for later releases. I'd like to keep this very simple and straightforward, but I'm open to feature requests.

- Run the script using MaxScript -> Run Script
- Go to Customize -> Custom User Interface
- It can be found in a category called "# Scripts" under the group "Main UI."
- Add it to a button, menu, etc.

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Known issues:
The script doesn't currently check for instances. This can cause multiple duplicates of the unwrap modifier stacking on top of each of the instanced items.

i.e. If there are three objects, and two of those are instances of each other, the non instanced one will unwrap once, while the instances ones both get unwrapped resulting in a stack of two unwraps on each.

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Not sure why

Sorry, but it's tough for me to say. I primarily work in a different engine so I don't know what requirements Unreal has for it's UVs to come through.

This works the same way as Max's standard unwrap UVW modifier, so if it shows up on the object it should also show up in an export anytime doing it manually would.

You may be able to to get some more info on why UVs wouldn't come through by asking on an unreal-specific forum about what could cause that issue.

As for models not showing up, it should work on any geometry that has editable poly, mesh or patch as its base type, regardless of the modifiers on top of it.

There's a known issue where doesn't check for instances, but that just results in duplication of the modifier rather than not showing up at all.

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SteamRoller Unwraps Some, But Some Not...

First of all, thanks for putting together the SteamRoller script as it is both a life AND time saver! I am having some issues with some meshes that I run the script on though. Some meshes are just fine and I see the flattened and unrapped lightmap information in UE4.12.5 just fine. On the problem meshes, I see no flattened and uwrapped channel info even though I see this info in 3ds Max. In Max, diffuse maps/materials are on channel 1 (0 in UE4). When I use the SteamRoller script, flattened and uwrapped information is on channel 3 (2 in UE4) in the Max dialog. This works just fine for some 3d models without a hitch. On the problem meshes, there is no flattened and unwrapped information on channel 2 (3 in Max/SteamRoller) or any UV information whatsoever. Why does this work on some meshes and not on others? Some of the 3d models are not "dumbed down" - saved as meshes or editable polys in Max. Does this affect what the script is doing? I thought exporting to FBX removes any information that is in the modifier stack on models still being modified. Your help and the help of others is greatly appreciated in advance. THX

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Art Garcia

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What's probably going on is

What's probably going on is that right now I'm not currently checking for instances or existing unwrap modifiers using the specified unwrap channel. I don't have a timeline, but I'll try to add a check for it when I get the chance.

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Multiple Unwrap UVW Modifiers

I've noticed with some geometry the script creates multiple unwrap UVW modifiers. Do you know why this is?

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Hi Avenger, glad you like

Hi Avenger, glad you like it.

It wouldn't be too crazy to do this, but this script is intended more as baking prep than for managing UV channels. If I made something like what you are requesting it would probably be as a separate script.

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Thanks for the new version

Thanks for the new version details and instructions.

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i think that what 3DBommerang

i think that what 3DBommerang means is to keep all the existing uv without changing the position of the unwrapping. Flatiron from my experience is re- unwrap the model and bake the texture. Basically that means, for example, if you have the same object 10 times in the scene it will unwrap it 10 times in the final big texture with everything else in the scene. That for me is a big mistake, cause that way it gives u less pixel quality on the overall result, (plus u cannot change something on the texture end result if u want. The best is to keep the unwraps as it is and distribute in one place without cloning the more than one same uv.

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Awesome scripts.

This fits perfectly to my needs! Thank you. As I need to get my models ready for a game engine I need to unwrap. Is there a way to unwrap to channel 1 and copy the same unwrap to channel 2 at 1 go?

Would be fantastic if you could do something like that..

Anyway this takes away a lot of clickings n time. Cheers!

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How to install

Installing works the same way as any other macroscript. You run it, then add it to your interface using "Customize User Interface" to make run with a button or hotkey or whatever. It can be found in the "# Scripts" category in the "Main UI" group.

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