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Steamroller unwraps every objects in a selection using Max's built-in flatten function based on the specified parameters. Steamroller is mainly for helping out people doing texture baking.


Rollout Screenshot

Upcoming features:
- Allowing unique unwraps for multiple channels
- Addressing Max's tendency to still have overlaps after unwrapping - awful for baking!
- UV channel swapping
- Updating real world scale after editing geometry

Additional Info: 

- Run the script using MaxScript -> Run Script
- Go to Customize -> Custom User Interface
- It can be found in a category called "# SmallpolyScripts" under the group "Main UI."
- Add it to a button, menu, etc.

Change Log:
v1.5 - 2018.05.11
- Chaning spacing default to 0.001 to match Max defaults
- Adding Normalize clusters, rotate clusters, and fill holes. Thanks to Teriander for the suggestion.
- Added tools to quickly view the first several UV channels, among other things
v1.3 - 2018.02.19
- Hunting down a bug that is causing unwraps to fail when "by selection" is disabled.
v1.3 - 2018.02.07
- Bugfix for a case where some of the geometry wouldn't be unwrapped.
v1.2 - 2018.02.06
- Fixed the instance problem by using a custom unwrapper name and checking for it.
- The applied modifier is now called "SteamRoller_UVW"
- The modifier has also opened up an easy way to clear the unwrappers and check for them before flattening.

v1.1 - 2018.02.02 - Working on instance fix. Making script category consistent. May be doing some fixes soon.
v1.0 - 2014.06.27 - Initial Version

Unsolved Bugs:
- Replace existing doesn't take UV channel into account

sp_steamroller_v1.5.mcr11.62 KB


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Smallpoly's picture

Changes are in

Hey, letting you know that I've added the Rotate Clusters option in, as well as normalize and fill holes.

Teriander's picture

Any luck with adding the

Any luck with adding the "Rotate Clusters"? I know you're working on bug fixes. Just curious if there is an eta on this feature!

Thanks buddy!

Smallpoly's picture

That's a possibility. I'll

That's a possibility. I'll add that to the list. I found a bug I want to track down the source of first.

Teriander's picture

Rotate Clusters

For your next build, is it possible to add an option to disable/enable "Rotate Clusters"? The same option that is inside the Flatten Mapping panel.


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Version 1.4:

Fixed a problem where models would receive an unwrap modifier but not actually unwrap when "Use Selected" was disabled. Thanks to GTARandom / Woggy Design for bringing it to my attention!

Smallpoly's picture

Recent updates

Hey, thought I'd let you know I recently updated steamroller with some bugfixes. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. If you're up for checking out the new version, please let me know if you run into any trouble.

Smallpoly's picture

I'll look into it

Hi Filip,

I'd like to get some more information.

So you're saying that it's not looping through all models in the scene even when "use selection" is unchecked, or when everything is selected manually? I'll look into that asap. Can you give me some more details on what's going on, especially a sample file? What kind of object is getting skipped?

The only time it should skip models is if it's specially named modifier is already on a model *and* the "Replace Existing" feature is disabled.

GTARandom's picture

Unwrapping still partially broken...

Hi Smallpoly,

do you still have the first released version of this script, if you do, can you please send it? If you do not, i would at least like you to send the most recent one but with unwrapper fixes.

Reason i am saying this is that the currently available version here is not functioning fully correct as it applied unwrapping only to some models in the scene instead of all, i tried selecting all with the option enabled in SR and it didn't help anything...

Please send it as soon as you can because i can't find the old version i had as i didn't foresee there would this issue that i am facing now.

Thanks for you time and effort,

Woggy Design portfolio:

Smallpoly's picture

1.3 - Whoops. Unwrap bug is fixed now.

Hey guys. I added some new features in version 1.2, and fixed the long-standing instancing bug where modifiers would be duplicated on instanced objects, but in the process also managed to introduce a bug that could prevent models from unwrapping at all. Kind of bad for a tool that does just one thing.

It's fixed now, so I'm glad that's taken care of. I hope you all find this script as convenient to use as I do when working on my models.

- Smallpoly

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New Update! 2018-02-02

Just a minor update to this one - I've been switching my scripts back to a single category, in this case "# SmallpolyScripts", and have been adding update checker links to most of the things with UIs so it'll be easy to quickly check whether there's a new version. I don't have a way of pushing update notices automatically, but this should at least be slightly more convenient than a google search.

As usual I have a ton of both paid and personal projects going on at any given time, so I try not to make promises about any kind of regular release schedule. However, I do have the instance bug on my mind, so that'll be the next thing tackled here.

Take care!

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