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Summary of changes for activeType 0.36

- removed spacewarp mods query (it was causing a bit of slowdown)
- disabled subobject, pflow and slate modes
(More detailed info on changes at the History notes below)


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Script for simple animation appearance / disappearance of the object.


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Automatic stretch & squash values and gizmo's matrix calculated from object's motion.

Expert Mode with Command Panel

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This is just small script - similar to Expert Mode (shortcut "Ctrl+X") but it keeps Command Panel visible

You can used as shortcut or toolbar button

VRay Render Mask Maker

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This script allows you to paint multiple render regions based on the viewport or the last render. It feeds the mask information to the Vray Renderer Mask and you can optimise your rendering time massively!

I've had this one under wraps for a while (I forgot I hadn't uploaded it).  

Spline Curve Control

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Update on March 5,2016

Three tools was published.

Crossroads:Create crossroads with overlapped faces of two roads

LoftSplines Create a surface with splines parallel with each other.

Power Masker

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The 3dsmax UI only allows you to set material effects ID up to 16 channels. The VRayMtl allows you to go beyond this using the effects ID override but other types of materials don't have any UI to adjust this. This tool using a backdoor into 3dsmax to set the effects ID beyond the 16 limit imposed by the UI.

This means you can create masks for every material in your scene. Using this tool you can either assign effects IDs by hand or just press to automatically create them and their mask render elements.

VRay Dynamic Animation Renderer

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