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"Select a camera - then run this MacroScript in 3ds max R6 to create a geometric representation of the camera's view frustum (can be useful - for example - in combination with Vol.Select to remove geometry that is not seen by the camera).Will handle non-square pixels - renaming objects and allows for an offset between camera FOV and view frustum angle. [Based on code by Christopher Subiago]"


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MultiCamLister is the free script for 3ds Max helps to you control cameras in a scene.

MultiCamLister Features:

Supported camera types: Standard, V-Ray, Maxwell, FRY- (just switching between cameras).
The ability to copy and paste the properties from one camera to another one.
Collapsible settings panel.
The ability to delete the selected camera from the scene through the script.
Scalable interface.

Select Active Camera

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Simply selects the active camera from the current viewport (even if cameras / layer is hidden). If you've ever been frustrated because you're working full screen looking through the camera lens then need to change something about your camera, this script is for you. In that case you just run the script and bam you're able to edit camera properties in the stack or adjust keys in the time slider all with a single keystroke instead of having to hunt around in the select by name dialog...



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max2nuke exchanges animation data between 3ds max and nuke using chanfile data. cameras, axis or transform-geo supported.

worked for free cameras (with or without transform reset) and target cameras.

exports obj sequences to bring mesh animation to nuke 4.8 and higher

nodes can be copied from max and pasted to nuke (which is more comfortable and lots of additional data can be copied)

vray cam focal length is now correctly calculated in relation to focus distance

Batch Camera Previews

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This script will render out via "Preview - Grab Viewport" for multiple cameras at once. Useful if you create preview cameras a lot, or need to make multiples at once.


1. Run script

2. In Max goto "Customize->Customize User Interface...->Toolbars tab->Category: ColinScripts->OpenGL Previews" and drag "OpenGL Previews" to a toolbar, click to run.

Camera Location

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A simple script that facilitates the modification of XYZ values of cameras but instead of picking from the selection floater (or the Select by name screen) - you can select form a cameras-only list and change the values on the fly. Press the Switch to camera button to view the changes from the camera view. View screenshot


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Teensy little script that creates a geometry cone that mimics the camera cone. It creates a pyramid - and does some wiring to make it match the camera - and stay matched - even if you animate the position - and fov. The purpose of the geometry is to use in a mesh vol select to pass up the stack to modify an object/faces only when they are in view of the camera.


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A set of functions wrapped into a minimalist single-click button to help 3ds Max and Nuke artists to bring the 3ds Max 3d scene assets into Nuke's powerful 3d compositing scene.

This tool allows:

1) Copy cameras and any other objects (as points) and their animation into clipboard for an easy Copy+Paste action inside Nuke.

2) Generate .chan files from selected cameras and any other objects (as points) and save them either many at once or one at a time to selected destination.

CamSwitcher Jos

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Okey I know there are some similar scripts outhere, but I created one I hope people will find this one useful.

- Create or add a maincamera
- Add other cameras
- Key a camera to switch
- You can easily change timing by drag the keys
- Realtime preview (because the use of one main camera)
- Render out the mainCamera

 Questions/Comments? please contact me


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Creates an animated Target Camera based on an animated Free camera
version 1.04 works with both MAX 4 & MAX 5 - and adds position memory for the dialog.

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