Mass Randomizer

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Arda Kutlu

Mass Randomizer 1.9

The ability to Randomize

  • Position
  • Rotation
  • Scale
  • Length-width-heigth- radius parameters
  • UV Offset Values
  • G-Buffer ID's
  • Selection (object and subobject)
  • Color and Materials

of selected objects.

You can define minimum and maximum values for each parameter.

Each randomization is undoable, but you better backup before use.

Use at your own risk.




version 1.913

-minor update, now you can choose the coordinate system (local or world) for position and rotation randomizers.


version 1.912

- Bug fix - there was no OBJ ID randomizer but two Material ID randomizers. (thanks yasuhiro for reporting the bug)


version 1.91

-Added Channel options to the UV map randomizer

-Selection Randomizer switched to the percentage instead of every N method. Which makes it more accurate.

-Minor Bug Fixed regarding to the redrawing issue while randomizing selected vertices.


version 1.9

-Added wirecolor randomization and material randomization.

Wirecolor randomization assigns random wire colors to selected objects with the option of removing material of the objects.

Material randomization assigns predefined Multi-Material to selectionand adds a material modifier to selection with a random material ID (between 1 and submaterial count of assigned multi material)

--Moved Material ID randomization under the  material & color randomization menu

Known issues/bugs:

Currently selection randomizer doesnt support edit_mesh modifier.There are no problems with editable_poly, editable_mesh, and edit_polymodifiers.

When randomizing vertices of an editable poly object, it may notredraw the randomized selection on the viewport. Scrubbing thetimeslider or changing the viewport is a temporary solution. There isno such thing with edge and face selections and other than editablepoly objects.


version 1.8

-changed ui

-support for subobject support for selection randomizer added. Now itrandomizes your selection depending on selection type. If edges arechosen, it randomizes edges. If objects, it randomizes objects etc.


version 1.5

-added Material ID randomization - Thanks Daniele Debernardi for the idea !


version 1.4

-Single button for all length, width, height and scale parameters.

-Radius1 and Radius2 compatible for tube and torus primitives.

-General Naming and tooltip fixes.


version 1.3

-added Selection randomization


version 1.2

-added UV randomization


version 1.1

-added G-Buffer randomization


Future releases:

waiting suggestions!

Additional Info: 

Its a Macroscript. Drag and Drop or run the script. Then assign into a menu, hotkey or quad menu through customize => customize user interface => Under the Category: Tik Works

Version Requirement: 
written in 2008


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Download Link

This script along with other amazing scripts are available below, on the author's git-hub page;

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Excellent script! Thank you

Excellent script! Thank you :)

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Great...excellent fine 3ds max 2018.

Custom's picture

still no improvement with randomizing elements selection

case: I select all elements in edit poly object, then press "randomize" and get selection of polygons, but not whole elements...

Picklock's picture

UV randomizer

From what I can tell, I can select some polys and run the script, but it just randomizes all the poly's i've selected the same way? I was under the impression I could select a bunch of polys and they would all be randomized differently from each other?

Also, the Map Channel option doesn't seem to do anything. After I run the script, I have to manually input the map channel into the UVW Xform modifier that was generated in order for it to affect the proper channel.

themaxxer's picture

is possible to get an option

is possible to get an option to rotate the uv offset only in 90°? this would be very handy.

best regards

Jordan Walsh's picture

Modifier Modifier Zorb will

Modifier Modifier Zorb will only work in your case if you have a different material on each object. That could get hard to manage if you just want a different diffuse colour. You should try Vladislav Gavrilov's Random Color plugin:

W DIGITAL's picture

nice ill chek it out!

nice ill chek it out!

Pewi's picture

>> V-motion I use this cool

>> V-motion

I use this cool script for many of my randomness needs:
It can randomize just about anygthing in a scene.

W DIGITAL's picture

how can i randomize colors in

how can i randomize colors in diffuse channel?
if i have 100objects with same vray material, but want each to be different color?

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