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Nikolay Litvinov

Fixed bug for connect 2 edges with a common vertex
Исправлена ошибка соединения двух рёбер с общей вершиной

All this works by single hotkey.

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Install: Drop *.ms to viewport
Установка: Перетащить *.ms во въюпорт

Fixed bug for connect verts by 2 edge
Исправлена ошибка соединения вершин по двум рёбрам
Improved connect knots in splines.
Added connection of vertices from the edges.
Removed Distance connect edges.
Added create polygon by 2 Edge-vectors
Fixed bugs for Edit_Poly
Fixed bug for connect two edges

Улучшено соединение узлов сплайнов.
Добавлено соединения вершин от рёбер.
Убран Distance connect рёбер.
Добавлено создание полигона от двух рёбер-векторов
Исправлены ошибки для Edit_Poly
Исправлена обшибка коннекта пары рёбер

Select spline afrer connect knots.
Выделяется сплайн после коннекта вершин.

Fixed bug connect knots of splines. If Command Panel will pulled from 3dsmax, tool will continue work withuot bugs.
Исправлена ошибка соединения узлов сплайнов. Если Коммандная панель будет вытащена из макса, инструмент продолжит работать без ошибок.

v3.54: Fixed coflict between DistanceConnect and Bridge edges
v3.53: Fixed DistanceConnect, Fixed bug of Connect Edges
v3.035: Fixed bugs Divide Edge on EditPoly Modifier
v3.03: Fixed bugs of Target Weld on EditPoly Modifier
v3.02: Fixed bugs of cut Through Edge
v3.0: Fixed bugs of create spline between two knots
v2.9: Fixed bugs of cut Through edges (by vertices and by center edges)
v2.8: Added Gabarit Assigner
v2.4: Fixed bugs of connect 2 knots of shape with modifiers
v2.3: Fixed bugs of bridge 2 polygons
v2.2: If selected one Vertex then enable Target Weld

uniconnector_v1.0.ms4.54 KB
uniconnector_v2.2.ms6.87 KB
uniconnector_v2.3.ms6.86 KB
uniconnector_v2.4.ms6.9 KB
uniconnector_v2.8.ms7.29 KB
uniconnector_v2.9.ms8.57 KB
uniconnector_v3.0.ms8.51 KB
uniconnector_v3.02.ms8.57 KB
uniconnector_v3.03.ms8.65 KB
uniconnector_v3.035.ms9.18 KB
uniconnector_v3.53.ms10.08 KB
uniconnector_v3.54.ms10.1 KB
uniconnector_v3.55.ms10.4 KB
uniconnector_v3.56.ms10.41 KB
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Nik's picture


это известная проблема самого maxscript, которой быть не должно.
Я пробовал это исправить, но не получилось.

this is a known problem of maxscript, which should not be.
Not always.
I tried to fix it, but failed.

Custom's picture

Scale EqualMaker fault

Does not work with flat editpolys in top view.
First object became empty editpoly with nothing inside (no verts etc).

nnq2603's picture

Problem with vertices connect result.

Nice feature but doesn't work as expected.

I expect when I connect 2 vertices in a spline, it'll be automatically welded, but here not the case. There's a newly created line between 2 vertices that I selected but it only welded 1 of 2, not both of them to make a new single spline. I've to go extra step to weld and that lost the purpose of this useful feature (quick connect with shortcut key).

When use standard connect command of 3ds max, then the result is good (vertices welded), but take more click so take more time.

airbrush's picture

ok...will stick with older

ok...will stick with older version for now, prefer bridge to happen

thanks for fixing...

Nik's picture


this "DistanceConnect" enters into a conflict :)
Maybe I can fix. And Maybe I can not.

airbrush's picture

sorry, a bit of an issue with

sorry, a bit of an issue with the update.

seems to favor doing a distance connect with open edges rather than bridging between them...

attached image

connectissue.jpg 87.95 KB
airbrush's picture

thanks...works well

thanks...works well now.

...and thanks for all of your scripts...they are huge time/frustration savers!

Nik's picture



airbrush's picture

v3.035 distance connect


distance connect doesn't follow the flow of the mesh for me...see attached image.
Selecting distance connect from the ribbon behaves properly.

screen2.jpg 53.39 KB
aspartemeart's picture

v3.0 Has got a littel problem

Try to get to Cut Mode with no select vertex or edge with
UniConnector V3.0 get me an error'--Unknown property: *numberset*in undefined'.

And so, if I switch it to V2.8 it works very well.

By the way, I love this script! use it every day thank you so much!.

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