Unify / Flip normal polygons

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Budi Gunawan

Use this script to make normal polygon of the objects.
Unify or flips all the faces of multiple selected objects with/without accses to SubObjects level.

New UI

Additional Info: 

working on the baseObject editable_mesh and editable_poly.

Unify/Flip normal polygon V 1.0
- Main idea Tools.
- macroscript file.

Update :
Unify/Flip normal polygon V 1.2
- Changing and Optimizing a few code.
- Added support: multiple selected faces of single object with accses to SubObjects level.
- Added a switcher UI buttons to Auto detect/Select faces.
- Added support: Auto Select the faces for distinguishing Normal or Unnormal Faces of Single object.
- Convert the code from .mcr to .mse file.
- Added the Notes messages by pressing CTRL+OK buttons

I was inspired by guys in this forum:
thank's guys ;)

Tips : Collapse the stack of modifiers objects first before using this scripts

install :
Download then unpack the rar-files

1. for .mcr file :
- Copy "BGtools_Unify_Flip_normal_polygon.mcr" into your "/ui/usermacros" folder.
ie: C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\3dsmax\2009 - 32bit\enu\UI\usermacros\
- Restart Max and you will find it under
- Customize >> CustomizeUserinterface, Category 'BG tools'.

- Or go to MAXScript>>Run Script... and select the
"BGtools_Unify_Flip_normal_polygon.mcr" file,then find it under
Customize>>CustomizeUserinterface, Category 'BG tools'

- Click 'Make unify or flip normal...' and then Assign into
keyboard, toolbars, Quads or menus.The button name is 'Face normal'

2. for .mse file :
- Put 'BG-Unify_Flip_normal.mse' into "scripts/BG_Script" folder

Version Requirement: 
max 2009 -2011
unify_flip_normal_polygon.mcr2.15 KB
flip_normal.gif1.47 MB
bgtools_unify_flip_normal_polygon_v12.rar1.45 MB
unify_flip_normal_v12_ui.gif7.82 KB


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Budi G's picture

Hi MrTynerI can't guarantee

Hi MrTyner
I can't guarantee if some user call this script to complex mesh or million mesh/object with one click,
some reason :
- outcomes of imported objects sometimes do not produce a good mesh, polygon sometimes broken or messy vertex, so
if after import using this script sometimes does not run correctly.
then sometimes we must check first few objects to find out what the problem on its mesh.

- Another reason the power of the cpu performance also affects to looping as I know.

you can call this script to selected object one by one or more to your mesh, or maybe by sections if you worries getting something error because this script.

MrTyner's picture


Your script worked better than anything I could find or write. I too am importing microstation models and still get the occasional normal flip.

I have a problem that I have MANY meshes. How can I call this script in a loop?


Budi G's picture

glad to hear that man

glad to hear that man :)
thanks for feedback bob

Bob's picture

Working for me

I also have 3Ds Max 2012 and it works for me - very useful script, cheers.

Budi G's picture

hi titane, it's running in

hi titane, it's running in max 2012 and work correctly.

Can you tell me what steps do you make it error ?
to make sure :
object should be collapse/convert to editablemesh or editablepoly
or select editablemesh or editablepoly objects.
if some object have modifiers sometimes it's not work correctly.

Budi G's picture

I don't have max 2012 ... but

I don't have max 2012 ... but i'll try to fix it later.
thanks for feedback titane357.

titane357's picture

Hello, I find your script

Hello, I find your script fantastic ! but it don't work with 2012.... :
"--Compile error : Undeclared variable : sp"
argh, really need it !!!! Thanks for sharing

Budi G's picture

all@: Hi there .. thanks for

all@: Hi there .. thanks for comment and support :)

paulov and LORDOFMAX :
as I know the method I created a simple script based on the ability of studio max.
I'm not sure if I give the right answer at this time, could you give an example max scene to me? you can upload here or email me.
maybe someday I will fix it... thanks

paulov's picture

Linked geometry support

Hi there.

Awesome tool. Supertime saver.

I find it is missing a feature wich would help me considerabily, is to support DWG linked geometry that is linked via the file link manager tool.

When I Import my Microsation mesh data, some objets do have their faces upside down, and the plugin does not work :(. So It is mandatory to keep it doing manually by asingind the editmesh modifier and entering the subobjet mode.... boring!!

Thanks anyway for this tool

jasonpierce's picture


Beautiful script man, can instantly select and flip now without going into edit poly mode, saves me an immense amount of time. Thanks!

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