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Tyre Tire

NOTE: Requires VRay (Uses VRay Displacement modifier).

This is intended as a 'head start' when creating Tyres (Tires), for vehicle wheels.
Still experimental and very much open to suggestions.

AfterFX Data Exporter

3dsMax to After Exporter.

Generates a .jsx that must be run from AfterFX>File>Run script. Creates appropriately sized comp and layers.
Exports: Cameras, lights, and planes as AfterFX objects. All others as nulls.
Export size based on smallest HD screen/projector. Optional manual scaling.

Spritey v0.1.1

- v0.1.1 functions: Spritey takes a cell-spaced spritesheet and uses the texture space to create UV coordinate animation based upon your specified cell numbers.

- Example: 4 rows of 6 columns of sprite images on 1 texture/material makes 24 frames of animation. 32 rows of 32 columns of sprite images on 1 texture/material makes 1024 frames of animation.(After the animation is created, you can manipulate the frames, animation, fps, etc, for playback as you see fit.)

- Why make Spritey ?
Well, IFLs are awesome & cell-based-sprite-sheets are awesome.

shortcut - Modifier Stack Jump and Loop

It is a small macro script to be added as shortcut.

Modifier Auto-Select

This is a tool I put together because sometimes you have to work with modifiers on multiple nodes and the modifiers aren't at the very top of the stack. You’re constantly having to select the node and then selecting the proper modifier. Prime example of this is when you have a turbosmooths on top of all of your geometry while you are either skinning or modelling. It would be much easier, and save quite a bit of time, if every time you selected a node you just automatically were on the skin modifier or edit poly modifier.

Easy Rotate

I'd like to present to you a newer version of Easy Rotate with some new features, bug fixes and source code improvements.

Rotor Animation

 Screenshot of Easy Rotate 1.2

Hey whats up guys!

Pixel Wall

This little script builds an array of instanced spheres - where each sphere position and colour relates to its corresponding pixel in the chosen bitmap.The sphere wall can then be manipulated in various ways (for eg. collapsing it using dynamics software) This can create an interesting effect if rendered and played backwards.


Collect Asset

This script collects textures and other files used in the scene in one folder. Check for the same file names.

ghostTown Lite


ghostTown 0.21 Lite Beta for 3ds Max 2011

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