Batch Camera Render 2

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Sergo Pogosyan

Batch Camera Render maxscript version 2 - reworked and improved version of Batch Camera Render maxscript. The main imporvement is the ability to assign different settings to one camera, just as in standard 3ds max's Batch Render.

Take a note that it is still in beta stage!

Voted suggestion could be placed here - Google Moderator BatchCam2 Сategory

Additional Info: 

Current Version: 2.0.9

Release Date: 4 January 2013


  • Corrupted other script's custom attributes stored in a scene.

Release Date: 14 January 2012

  • Preview button added- it renders only current frame without saving anything - no images, no vray maps,no elements. Note that if output file is specified in standard Render Setup script saves rendered image in preview mode.


  • Frame Range Type "Frames" didn't recognized - fixed
  • Resolution changing in certain conditions caused error message - fixed
  • Netrender with Command-Line-Commit didn't worked well - fixed
  • Some of the Clear buttons didn't work as expected - fixed

Release Date: 21 November 2011


  • startup error in 3ds max versions <2012
  • render preset not found error fixed
  • animation ranges detection now works as expected and camera target's animation is also considered
  • clear settings in resolution and frame ranges


  • Render method from the version 1.9.x (fewer problems with gamma expected but not confirmed)
  • Vray section from the version 1.9.x
  • Orthographic camera mode in Vray section - turns Physical camera into orho mode (and any other cameras)
  • Nth Frame property can be set for each preset independently (useful for Vray Irmap calculation)
  • Render Preset property is now saved not as just a name of preset but as a full file path to ensure scene consistency across the network, different projects and 3ds max versions.
  • Render Element property is available, but only in 1.9.x render method. Render commit method can be choosed in Options rollout.

Small fixes:

  • Frame ranges are now remembered as you choose different range types.
  • Checked state of the render preset is also saving, so you don't have to recheck the presets when you're making many test renders.



Run this script with Maxscript -> Run Script command from any folder on your hard drive, then go to the *'Customize User Interface' -> 'Toolbars'*, browse to category 'Sergo Pogosyan' and add 'Render scene cameras...' button to the toolbar or to the menu.

This page will not be available for some time. 

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2008-2012. 32-bit and 64-bit.
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stanley_asbeek's picture

Hi there,Great script, but I

Hi there,
Great script, but I have a error.
Looks like there is a problem with the render elements, and it's critical for me unfortunately.

Hope you would be able to fix it.

See attachment.



ps : max2012 64Bit, Win7 64Bit

snag-0014.jpg 15.98 KB
sergo's picture

Can not reproduce the error -

Can not reproduce the error - When script asks to replace existing file (in fact it is 3dsmax who asks, not the script) dialog box contains no Cancel button but just Yes/No. If you answer No then script just stops processing.
I suppose there's some other thing that crushes the script. And this crush causes the other error - changing the render setup resolution.
Send me your scene, if it is possible.

k2000's picture

new error found (when using 1.9.x method)

I just found new error message. (when using 1.9.x rendering method)
When you render the same scene with the same outputh file - Batch asks if you agree to replace the existing file xxxx.tif (or something).
When I press "Cancel" the render stops.
After that it's not possible to start render againg. There is always error. Scene/Max restart doesn't help. It puts something somewhere... (THIS IS REALLY WEIRD!!!)

MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception: -- Unknown property: "SetElementsActive" in undefined
li=2128 co=1 offset=73320 INS
( elementMgr.SetElementsActive false)

Forced to switch back to the old good one 1.9.7 stable as always.... (unfortanately)

P.S. (didn't used to command line method so far, makes lots of max scene copies)

P.P.S. if you change resolution in it writes it to max render settings - one more issue

sergo's picture



k2000's picture

Output size - CLEAR error

Found a bug with output size...
If you used these settings and set some picture dimensions through BatchCam you are not able to change resolution or clear the values. Error comes out - see the picture attached.

After restarting Batch all fields will be blank but HEIGHT will be still there. And it looks like there is no way to get rid of it - delete or clear again or restart will not work.


clipboard02-err.jpg 74.67 KB
sergo's picture

Gamma workaround for those

Gamma workaround for those who has gamma output set to 2.2:
1) set *any* output file in *standard Render Setup* window by pressing "Files..." button.
2) set any other file in any BatchCamera script.
3) render scene with script. You'll get images with gamma 2.2 (or whatever you set in output gamma preference).

I did many tests and this one works best. I don't know why max ignores gamma if output is set by the script. Max has many bugs as many of knows and dealing with them is worst part of maxscripting.

To prove that this is max's bug try to run this two commands in script listener:
rendOutputFilename = @"path/to/your/image.jpg"
rendSaveFile = true
Then press Render button in Render Setup dialog and look at the resulting image.
After that press Files button and pick the same image and render. See the difference.

vklein's picture

Don't saw 2.07 sorry

Thanks for the tip with gamma, is there some script workaround possible? Opening the 3dsmax filesave dialog and immediately closing it or something like this?
And for the "SetElementsError": I didn't saw the 2.07 i was using 2.06.

sergo's picture

Did you try latest 2.0.7

Did you try latest 2.0.7 version? "SetElementActive" bug is fixed in this version.

Considering gamma, I made some test after I added 1.9.x rendering method and get strange results - gamma works ok in both methods if you set render file by the File button. But if you just typed in file name in new preset then gamma set to 1.0 again for both methods. It seems that max adds or sets some info before or after showing file picking dialog. If you set the file without dialog gamma setting is lost.

vklein's picture

Start error gone


vklein's picture


First: many, many thanks for implemented the features I asked for.
But: The old rendering method don't work. I got this error-combo-box:
---Unknown property: "SetElementsActive" in undefined.
3dsmax 2012 x64 here.

And I now have very strange gamma problems, even with EXRs (new rendering method). See the attachment. The problematic texture is a PNG (it seams to have some built-in gamma, can't set it's gamma).
Is there a safe uninstalling procedure, because now I have a strange max-script error every time I start BatchCameraRender and deleting the macroscript and reinstalling don't help.

batch-render-problem.jpg 38.53 KB

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