Batch Camera Render 2

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Sergo Pogosyan

Batch Camera Render maxscript version 2 - reworked and improved version of Batch Camera Render maxscript. The main imporvement is the ability to assign different settings to one camera, just as in standard 3ds max's Batch Render.

Take a note that it is still in beta stage!

Voted suggestion could be placed here - Google Moderator BatchCam2 Сategory

Additional Info: 

Current Version: 2.0.9

Release Date: 4 January 2013


  • Corrupted other script's custom attributes stored in a scene.

Release Date: 14 January 2012

  • Preview button added- it renders only current frame without saving anything - no images, no vray maps,no elements. Note that if output file is specified in standard Render Setup script saves rendered image in preview mode.


  • Frame Range Type "Frames" didn't recognized - fixed
  • Resolution changing in certain conditions caused error message - fixed
  • Netrender with Command-Line-Commit didn't worked well - fixed
  • Some of the Clear buttons didn't work as expected - fixed

Release Date: 21 November 2011


  • startup error in 3ds max versions <2012
  • render preset not found error fixed
  • animation ranges detection now works as expected and camera target's animation is also considered
  • clear settings in resolution and frame ranges


  • Render method from the version 1.9.x (fewer problems with gamma expected but not confirmed)
  • Vray section from the version 1.9.x
  • Orthographic camera mode in Vray section - turns Physical camera into orho mode (and any other cameras)
  • Nth Frame property can be set for each preset independently (useful for Vray Irmap calculation)
  • Render Preset property is now saved not as just a name of preset but as a full file path to ensure scene consistency across the network, different projects and 3ds max versions.
  • Render Element property is available, but only in 1.9.x render method. Render commit method can be choosed in Options rollout.

Small fixes:

  • Frame ranges are now remembered as you choose different range types.
  • Checked state of the render preset is also saving, so you don't have to recheck the presets when you're making many test renders.



Run this script with Maxscript -> Run Script command from any folder on your hard drive, then go to the *'Customize User Interface' -> 'Toolbars'*, browse to category 'Sergo Pogosyan' and add 'Render scene cameras...' button to the toolbar or to the menu.

This page will not be available for some time. 

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2008-2012. 32-bit and 64-bit.
batchcam2.0.9.ms174.78 KB


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sergo's picture

Could you provide your gamma

Could you provide your gamma settings? I'm using input=2.2, output=1.0 and I'm rendering to exr and have no problems at all.

It seems that there is some bug with gamma+3dsmaxcmd, you're not the first who mentions it.

vklein's picture

Little Bug with RenderSettings

There seams to be an problem with the Vray rendersettings of the file if loaded over the 3dsmaxcmd which you are using for rendering now. Looks like my pics are missing the environment reflection map or something similar. And there could be an gamma issue too. 3dsmax 2012 x64 vray2 using here. I don't have now time to investigate, pics looks darker and some reflections are missing, thats all I can say for now. Rendered without the script works fine (backburner and local).

titane357's picture

ok, that was just what i was

ok, that was just what i was looking for !!! thanks.

sergo's picture

How about additional command

How about additional command line paramteres field?
There will be a field where you can enter "-showRFW:0" and render will proceed without frame buffer. I don't know if this option has an effect on backburner jobs... Will check and let you know.

vklein's picture

Render without framebuffer

Could we get a option for disabling frame buffer over backburner please?

sergo's picture

Thank you! I don't understand

Thank you!

I don't understand about saving file, could you explain a bit further? Do you mean saving the rendering file under the camera name? You can use %cameraname%.jpg to do that.

titane357's picture

Great script ! save me lot of

Great script ! save me lot of time : archviz render, lot of different cameras for just one shoot,...It would be great to have an option to save the file with the camera name in it ! Thanks for sharing. :-)

sergo's picture

Ok, actually this version

Ok, actually this version didn't handle port parameter, you were right. I fixed that and upload new version soon. BTW: In 3ds max 2012 close file command is broken so HOT FIX 1 or 2 is REQUIRED for this script!

sergo's picture

Didn't test under 2012 max.

Didn't test under 2012 max. Could you provide some more information - error message or screenshot?

vklein's picture

HELP !!! Network render doesn't work

Submitting jobs for network render doesn't work.
I can't submit to my server even by putting the exact IP or name in the field. I have to use another port (3800) perhaps here is the problem. The batchwindow opens with job calls, it looks like it would begin redering, but no job emerge in backburner. Local rendering looks good.
3dsmax 2012 with backburner 2008.1.1.
batchrender worked fine.

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