HCG Asset Browser PRO

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Francisco Hermida

Ver 1.2 - Check the New Video

HCG Asset Browser now FREE!

Current version:1.3.2

Additional Info: 

FIXING .NET error:

  1. Right click the .ZIP file and click Properties
  2. Click unblock button in "General" tab.

Warning: There is no automated installation process, read the readme.txt inside the hcgab folder for more information  

  • Installation folder is now C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts
  • Settings file is now xml
  • When saving new models it will ask if you want to save the associated textures to a subfolder on the same folder were the model will be saved, the textures are renamed to "modelname - texturename" and reasigned to the respective bitmaps.

 v1.3.2 (2014-07-07):

  • Fixed incompatibility with 3ds max 2015

v1.3.1 (2013-12-17):

Know issues:

  • A few material features are broken at the moment.
  • The script will not import old settings.

  v1.2.5 (2012-10-31):

  • Fixed a bug with 3ds max 2013 product update 4

v1.2.4 (2010-11-07):

  • Fixed a bug when loading assets with invalid path.
  • Materials: Removed a error when trying to apply others types of items than materials like maps in the Materials categories.
  • Materials: Reorganized "UVW Set." Panel
  • Materials: Included support to save/apply VrayDisplacementMod with materials
    - At the moment it only save and load the bitmap path of the VrayDisplacementMod "Texmap' slot. "Use object mtl" to store complex Texmap


This script is Free to use


- See and generate thumbnails for your Models, Materials and Textures.
- With few clicks add Models, Materials and Textures to the scene.
- Paint geometry in the scene with a model in your Library.
- Apply materials with automatic UVWmap. The script save uvwmap information for future use.
- Replace models in your scene with another Model of your choice.
- Drag and drop textures to material maps.
- Clean and easy to use interface.
- Advanced options to fit your workflow.



  • Download installation file
  • Execute installation file
  • Start 3ds max
  • Go to Customize>Customize User Interface>Keyboard or Toolbars> Category "HCG"> command "HCG Asset Browser PRO"
  • Assign a shortcut
  • Activate the shortcut


Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2014
Video URL: 
hcgab_1.3.2.zip2.79 MB


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raistlin's picture

Hey francesco you finally

Hey francesco you finally gone here :) héhé chicco is the king ;) hi chicco :) your plug save my life !

Life is a dangerous experiment where no one has yet come out alive

crystal3d's picture

you can atleast enable

you can atleast enable thumbnail generation for the 3 models only so that i can check its compability

crystal3d's picture

Hello , i wrote a question

Hello ,

i wrote a question on your site , i am excited about your script and if i purchase it , it will be probably continued on future max versions... however i have some uncertainty about the current status of your script.

max 2009 64 bit:

i tired hcg pro 1.0 and free 0.7,

i set path to a folder containing 100+ 3ds and max files however...

"no files" message appear instead of some thumbnails...

correction: yes i can now see , the script does not include sub paths.. i have to set the actual folder , but that means that i will have to set 100's of paths and 100's more for textures,

feature wishes:

*option to add subfolders for texture and models..

*a time limited or somehow limited version to test out the real script as you might be conning ppl with a script that supports 3 meshes.

sorry for my doubt but it is the internet...

thanks again ,
sorry for my basic english ,

cecofuli's picture

Hi Chico, I want to ask you

Hi Chico,
I want to ask you if your script read directly a .vrmesh. Because I've a lot of VRayProxy ready, with the corresponding thumb.
Can I create my HCG Asset Browser library with only .vrmesh and the corresponding thumb, rendering by myself?

Francisco Hermida's picture

no, you won't need HCG Asset

no, you won't need HCG Asset Browser PRO installed to open the scene after use it to build one. The script just help you to visualize, organize and apply your models, materials and texture to the scene, removing extra unnecessarily steps for very common daily task for 3d artists.

othoap's picture

WOW, Looks like a dream come


Looks like a dream come true. One question: So I use this to build a scene and send that file to a client. Will they need "HCG Asset Browser PRO" to open and work on the file?

Francisco Hermida's picture

Hi Masey, Can you send me a

Hi Masey,

Can you send me a screenshot of the max listener, when this error occur? Contact me using my website www.hermidacg.com and include your e-mail , I will send another script version to figure out the problem.

Best Regards,


masey's picture

Hi Chico, This script looks

Hi Chico,

This script looks perfect for our requirements. We have a large exhibition library that we currently merge into current stands. I have downloaded your demo and unzipped as suggested, but doesn't seem to install properly. I can create a shortcut in the user interface but when used, I get an error 'Rollout handler exception'??
We are running 3dsMax 2010x64(Vray1.5 SP4) on Windows 7. Any thoughts / guidance welcome. If we can get it working, I would happily purchase for our studio of 5



whereareyou's picture

Oiii chico, muito massa essa

Oiii chico, muito massa essa nova versao!! ta bem melhor!


Kstudio's picture

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