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Measure and show edges length, segments length and faces area in real time. Work with Splines, Editable_Poly and  Editable_mesh objects and Edit_Poly modifier.
--        In Polygon/Element sub-object level will show the selected faces area in generic units only.
--        In Edge/Border sub-object level will show the length of selected edges in user defined units.
--        In vertex sub-object level, when vertex is move will show the length of edges that is common for the selected vertex.
--        If top sub-object level is active will show the dimension of the selected object.

The edge/segment length and face area will update when the edges/segments/faces are scaled or when the vertex is moved.

In top left corner of the viewport will be shown the total face area or total edge length.

Thanks to kilad now the script work with max2012 and up(download

Install: drag-n-drop the in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Customize User Interface-"miauu" caegory. Assignt to a hotkey. The script work as a toggle - press the hotkey to start, press again to stop the script.

Script idea by @harumscarum.

Video on youtube

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2009 and UP
Video URL: 
livemeasure_v1.ms21.62 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1.ms23.23 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1_nocolorboxes.ms22.36 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1_witharrows.ms25.28 KB
livemeasure_v1_0_noblackrectangles.ms21.64 KB
livemeasure_max2012_and_up.ms22.32 KB
livemeasure_v13.ms22.72 KB
livemeasure_v13_blue_color.ms22.77 KB
livemeasure_v13_blue_color_roundnumbers.ms23.11 KB


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Many Thanks

Thankyou for taking the time to do this. Most people would'nt.

I changed the colour to (166 229 229) Which is a ice blue... almost white.
I have enclosed screenshot. It's less distracting than the 1980's green :)

The original blue I chose was too blue (which was my fault) and you could'nt see it. I would take it off your download list incase someone uses it and it disappointed.

Thankyou for telling me how to get rid of scripts. What bothers me most is all the scripts I don't use anymore are still in the Catagory section of the Customize Menu. So when I search for a script it's crowded. I want to get rid of this if I can.

I still feel strongly that there needs to be an over-haul of the measuring system in Max. No matter how good you are at Max using Sketchup will beat any Max user hands down with modelling speed and one reason for this is the excellent measuring system that also combines 'construction guides'. The two go hand in hand. There needs to be a simple (guide + measure) tool.

Again, many thanks for your time and care :)

Sorry to be bee in your bonnet. Is there a way to round up the measurments so:
1.523m becomes 1.52 (rounded down)
1.527m becomes 1.53 (rounded up)

screenshot_1.png 108.25 KB
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The "blue color" version is uploaded.
Now, comapae this version with the last one to see hot to change the color in the future.

To get rid of scripts is easy. You can do it manually. Usualy mas saves scripts in those folders:

- maxRoot/scripts
- maxRoot/scripts/startup

The nest 3 folders are hidden, so first you have to make them visible. I am using Windows 8.1.
In the "|\usermacros" is stored scripts (.mcr) that are used to run other scripts, placed(in most cases) in the other folders that I mentoined. So you have to delete the .mcr and the .ms/.mse files

- C:\Users\yourUSerName\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts

- C:\Users\yourUSerName\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\scripts\startup

- C:\Users\yourUSerName\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2014 - 64bit\ENU\usermacros

Deleting scripts manually will gives you control of what you will delete. Using the script to delete scripts is faster, but can causes problems(deleting scripts that you don't want to be deleted)

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Many thanks Miauu.
I like this script better now I have the dimensions in the top left.

But, when I tried to change the colour all hell broke lose... and I kept getting error message constantly. It took me a while (cos I am new to this) but I got it back to normal and everything is working fine. Got abit of a scare though.

The colour I wanted was: (0 145 255)

I tried it with and without brackets... no comas.

I am affraid to try it again. So if you (ever) get time can you please upload a version with this colour. I can live with green, but prefer blue :)

Another question: Is there a script for getting rid of scripts? I have tried so many scripts and I am worried they might cause a problem, conflict or slow Max down.

many thanks for this simple but great little script. I makes using Max a friendlier experience :)

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Download version and test it. In the top-left corner it will shows the Width, Height, Length value of the selected object.

If you want to change the color of the text do the following:
- open the in notepad++, or in MaxScript Editor.
- go to line 36 and change the:

local textColor = green


local textColor = (color 255 0 0)

where the three numbers represent the RGB values of the color that you want
- save the script and reinstall it
- restart 3dsMax.

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Great Script

I really like this script. It's useful for measuring objects (like doors and windows) so you can create a hole in the wall for them. It's more accurate than the other tools I've used because when you use a measuring device you never know if you have clicked the right place to get a reading between two points.
This script gives you a quick reading and rounds up the numbers... great :)

But, I wish I could change the colour of the numbers.... bright blue maybe.
I also wish there was a reading in the top left hand of the viewport that reads:

Width: 0m
Height: 0m
Depth: 0m

I think this would be good.

I know your all talented script writers but what appeals to me about scripts is the simpler they are the more I use them. Some scripts are way too complicated and make something even more complex. Menu's should be dockable and have as little features as possble to make them pleasurable. This is a perfect example of a script that keeps things simple.

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I don't have spare time right now.
May be, one day I will add this functionallity.
Thank you for the suggestion.


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I tried the script "Measure

I tried the script "Measure and Select" but the numbers don't change in real time I have to press show length everytime.

So I found this one:

"Live measure" but can u make it such that the number stay. In other words I want the numbers to stay on which every edge I choose whether the egde/s are selected or not. Be able to hide and unhide the number on edge/s.

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I installed script and make

OK. I reinstall script, and now is all ok. Thanks.

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This message shows that there

This message shows that there are no selected objects, polygons, verts, edges etc. So, you can see that the script is active and if you don't need it you can turn it off.
But why the script starts with 3ds max? DId you place it in scripts\startup folder?

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