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Measure and show edges length, segments length and faces area in real time. Work with Splines, Editable_Poly and  Editable_mesh objects and Edit_Poly modifier.
--        In Polygon/Element sub-object level will show the selected faces area in generic units only.
--        In Edge/Border sub-object level will show the length of selected edges in user defined units.
--        In vertex sub-object level, when vertex is move will show the length of edges that is common for the selected vertex.
--        If top sub-object level is active will show the dimension of the selected object.

The edge/segment length and face area will update when the edges/segments/faces are scaled or when the vertex is moved.

In top left corner of the viewport will be shown the total face area or total edge length.

Thanks to kilad now the script work with max2012 and up(download

Install: drag-n-drop the in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Customize User Interface-"miauu" caegory. Assignt to a hotkey. The script work as a toggle - press the hotkey to start, press again to stop the script.

Script idea by @harumscarum.

Video on youtube

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2009 and UP
Video URL: 
livemeasure_v1.ms21.62 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1.ms23.23 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1_nocolorboxes.ms22.36 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1_witharrows.ms25.28 KB
livemeasure_v1_0_noblackrectangles.ms21.64 KB
livemeasure_max2012_and_up.ms22.32 KB
livemeasure_v13.ms22.72 KB
livemeasure_v13_blue_color.ms22.77 KB
livemeasure_v13_blue_color_roundnumbers.ms23.11 KB


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two issues with the latest version in max 2020

1. with the 3ds max start there is green words in the left top corner while script is not activated
2. error when run script if nothing selected

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002.png 71.37 KB
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wrong section

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Thank you.

Versions 1.3 are working in 3ds Max 2019.

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No working script!

Very good script! but does not work in 3dsmax 2019
Runtime error: registerRedrawViewsCallback() expected function, got: undefined

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A wonderful and very useful script!

The script works fine and fast.
Using the script is very convenient and easy. Thanks to the author! :)

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Feel free to modify the script as you need. :)

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a minor fix

Thank you for the script.

I don't know if others faced the following error: Unknown property: "count" in undefined when toggling livemeasure while in vertex sub-selection mode.

since i don't have much time i added a quick fix which is

function DrawTextOnViewports =
if edgeLengthArr == undefined do return 0

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Brillaint :)

Just what I wanted. Many thanks Miauu :)

I cannot write MaxScript...(wish I could)...but...would this work as an idea for a new tool?

Create rectangle + ProBoolean + Move (for punching square holes in walls).

So it's the same as Push/Pull in Sketchup. See enclosed Pic.
Just throwing it out there... for selfish reasons.

It would also combine LiveMeasure so the rectangle can be the right size.

boolean_advanced.jpg 117.39 KB
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Many Thanks

Thankyou for taking the time to do this. Most people would'nt.

I changed the colour to (166 229 229) Which is a ice blue... almost white.
I have enclosed screenshot. It's less distracting than the 1980's green :)

The original blue I chose was too blue (which was my fault) and you could'nt see it. I would take it off your download list incase someone uses it and it disappointed.

Thankyou for telling me how to get rid of scripts. What bothers me most is all the scripts I don't use anymore are still in the Catagory section of the Customize Menu. So when I search for a script it's crowded. I want to get rid of this if I can.

I still feel strongly that there needs to be an over-haul of the measuring system in Max. No matter how good you are at Max using Sketchup will beat any Max user hands down with modelling speed and one reason for this is the excellent measuring system that also combines 'construction guides'. The two go hand in hand. There needs to be a simple (guide + measure) tool.

Again, many thanks for your time and care :)

Sorry to be bee in your bonnet. Is there a way to round up the measurments so:
1.523m becomes 1.52 (rounded down)
1.527m becomes 1.53 (rounded up)

screenshot_1.png 108.25 KB

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