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Measure and show edges length, segments length and faces area in real time. Work with Splines, Editable_Poly and  Editable_mesh objects and Edit_Poly modifier.
--        In Polygon/Element sub-object level will show the selected faces area in generic units only.
--        In Edge/Border sub-object level will show the length of selected edges in user defined units.
--        In vertex sub-object level, when vertex is move will show the length of edges that is common for the selected vertex.
--        If top sub-object level is active will show the dimension of the selected object.

The edge/segment length and face area will update when the edges/segments/faces are scaled or when the vertex is moved.

In top left corner of the viewport will be shown the total face area or total edge length.

Thanks to kilad now the script work with max2012 and up(download

Install: drag-n-drop the in 3ds max. Go to Customize-Customize User Interface-"miauu" caegory. Assignt to a hotkey. The script work as a toggle - press the hotkey to start, press again to stop the script.

Script idea by @harumscarum.

Video on youtube

Version Requirement: 
3ds max 2009 and UP
Video URL: 
livemeasure_v1.ms21.62 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1.ms23.23 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1_nocolorboxes.ms22.36 KB
livemeasuremax2012_v1_witharrows.ms25.28 KB
livemeasure_v1_0_noblackrectangles.ms21.64 KB
livemeasure_max2012_and_up.ms22.32 KB
livemeasure_v13.ms22.72 KB
livemeasure_v13_blue_color.ms22.77 KB
livemeasure_v13_blue_color_roundnumbers.ms23.11 KB


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SIL's picture

Excellent script! Thanks

Excellent script! Thanks you!

But when 3dsmax is started - I see in active view port - "Nothing to display ! Go to Edge or Polygon sub-object level !". And then - if check and uncheck of script's button - warning is disappears.

miauu's picture

Nema, nema. Daje po-lud

Nema, nema. Daje po-lud stava.:)

Happy holidays!

Anubis's picture

happy holidays!

as we say in our country - "lud umora nema" :)
keep up the good work!

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

miauu's picture

Thank you for reporting this

Thank you for reporting this problem. I will fix them tommorow. :)

fajar's picture

Cool man....altho you said it

Cool man....altho you said it for max 2012 (latest one), i'd try it on max 2009 and it worked....

could you also make it work for max 9 too....please miauu.

thanks miauuu....

P/S : I Already check it on max 9 work n found some error....

if no object in selection, you run the cause error

also if you in sub object, no sub object selected, you run the script it cause error too

miauu's picture

I upload the script without

I upload the script without color boxes.:)

harumscarum's picture

thank you very much!

now everything works fine - thank you very much!

could you please let me know which part of script should i delete to get rid of color boxes

i've got why two numbers are displayed on single selected polygon - this happens if edit poly is applied

titane357's picture

Thanks Miauu for all your

Thanks Miauu for all your efforts !
I have another problem ; the color bar you add don't stay under the text, it seems to be localized in relation to the screen and not to the viewport. (see attached image).
It seems that nitrous allow geometry to mask the gw.text.

colors.png 9.8 KB
miauu's picture

@mustafa mamdouh, the

@mustafa mamdouh, the messagebox is removed.

@harumscarum you show me that in your max there is a problems, but @ruhi say that everything work fine for him. That is strange.
I don't have max2012, so I can reproduce and solve your problem. Sory. :)

mustafa mamdouh's picture

Wow nice script

I was surprised that max is not concerning very much with dimension aspect specially when working in architectural firm and we need to model in real units.
I really hope to see something like SketchUp technique when you can draw poly-line segments with dimension input that will be revolution.
P.S: Warining message "you must select one object ...." is really annoying I hope you can fix to be displayed one time per session

thanks to scriptspot community

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