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Nested Layer Manager 2 provides the ability to nest layers in 3ds Max. This script is small, fast and allows layers to be nested in an unlimited number of folders. It has complete 2 way communication with the default layer manager; If anything is altered in either, both layer managers are updated. This allows people without this script installed to still see the normal layer organisation present in the file.

Nested Layer Manager has a free 30 day trial.

The Pro version costs a small amount per user license in order for me to provide support and spend time adding features.

Thank you to everyone that purchases Nested Layer Manager :) Please check my website for more info.


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No Tim, I'm in short deadline

No Tim, I'm in short deadline now. I don't have the time to "test" with different max version etc... I want to upgrade all our machines to max 2013, after the first 3ds max SP, when all the plugs will be ready for max 2013. Usually I jump every two max version. But I read also in max 2012 we have the same "increase" bug.
Website are full of "3ds max scene quadruples in size after save" thread. Type, for example: "3ds max save size" in Google. Crazy!!!

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This is such odd behaviour by

This is such odd behaviour by Max. I just tried a quick test in Max 2009 and could not replicate this huge file size issue. I'm sure I've had it in the past though but never thought what could be causing it. I have had the 'saving at 1MB a second' bug before when saving a 1.5GB file... I left the PC for half an hour lol. Thankfully a merge fixed the issue.

Dumb question, but have you updated to the latest service packs? Also, do you get this in any other Max version?

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Nice! And I think this

Nice! And I think this VGScript creates the same instability on zookeeper Layer manager system. Sometimes Zookeeper crashes. I don't remember exactly when, but I use this script a lot in my work-flow, very usefull! Also I ask to Vlado (chaosgroup) if this "strange behavior" is for VRay or Max bug. But I think it's a max bug! And NLM is very sensible about this "increase" (reas as slow FPS)

You can download the scene and see with your eyes.

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Found it!

Cecofuli, I've had a look through VGScripts and have found why it caused NLM to crash.

If you select more that one object and rotate them 90 degrees using the VGScript, it works by grouping everything and then rotating, then deleting the group. 3ds Max fires a 'node added' callback and NLM tries to add the deleted group header. This understandably causes a system exception.

I've worked out a way of trapping this behaviour and now NLM is stable during such operations. :)

The huge file size increase is insane!! I wonder what Max is doing with all those extra MB... I'm going to look into ways of making NLM more efficient, but I have a feeling that this one may just be Max being Max.

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Tim, I don't know why, but

Tim, I don't know why, but today this happen 3-4 time! Max has some serious bug. When I merge some stuff from different files or library, the max files size becomes so huge. For example, if I add, I don't know, 2 tables or one camera, from 127 MB to 450MB!!! And NML starts to slow down. Obviously, I cannot have a 450 MB file, so I clean-up with my usual trick. And NML becomes again fluid. I use max 2011 64 bit. About the script error (rotate90z), I don't know why this happen :(

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Cecofuli, this is great! Thanks so much for the detailed bug reporting. It is a HUGE help to get a video example and log reports back. I'll try and replicate some of these issues myself tonight and work on some fixes. The viewport slowdown seems so random - sometimes it's slow, sometimes not. Very odd. :/


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Mmm... again the same error.

Mmm... again the same error. But I think this happens when I use the Script "Rotate 90z" from VGScripts. When I click this shortcut, after my Copy as Istance, NLM crashes.

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I send you a mail with my

I send you a mail with my video screen capture. Also, I had an error with copy as Instance a simply model. In attachment the LOG =)

nested_layer_manager_log_report_2012-5-8_13-39-27.txt 18.46 KB
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That's quite a substantial reduction! If possible could you run a couple of tests and get back to me on the results?

Could you please let me know the frame rate after:

1. Loading this proxy heavy scene with Nested Layer Manager closed.

2. Opening Nested Layer Manager.

3. You have executed this code, which will stop the timer from working:
nestedLayerManager.callbacks.layerParamsTimer.enabled = false

4. You have executed this code, which will remove all callbacks:

After these tests, running nestedLayerManager.reload() will reset it if you want to continue using it during that max session.


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HI, I don't know why, but

HI, I don't know why, but when I open NLM, in my scene (with a lot of VRayProxy, but not so heavy as usual in my scene) the FPS goes to 0.5. After I close it, boom! in one second, again 30-40-50 FPS! Ok, not 0.5 FPS, but sometime the viewport "freeze". The PAN start FAST, and after 0.5 sec it's block! again, again again.
EDIT: fuck 3ds max: The file was 350 MB! too much for this scene. So NEW -> KEEP OBJECTS -> OK. Save again. The file now is 120 MB, but I lost all the animations! But when I open NLM, no LAG!

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