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PolyUnwrapper is a complete set of professional tools designed for the texture artists, especially for the architectural and game industries.

It contains plenty of features that will greatly help you improve your unwrapping workflow.



Main Features Features

  • Multi Stitch. Stitch Multiple Shells at once
  • Custom Packing algorithm and tools
  • Tool for matching the Shells Width and Height
  • Easy Grid Spacing
  • Render UV Tiles (UDIM)
  • Cycle Checker map
  • PolyUnwrapper Toolbar now keeps on top of the Unwrap Editor
  • Render Open Edges
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010 - 2020
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Thanks headd, Yes, the Align

Thanks headd,

Yes, the Align Shell to Edge could work on multiple Shells. I will try to implement it.

As far as the “auto-straighten” idea, I am not sure to understand what you mean. Would you develop de idea further?

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Whohooo, great news. Thanks

Whohooo, great news. Thanks for the huge update. :)

+ Align Shell to Edge could work on multiple edges? Eventually, you can select some objects and auto-straighten them based on the longest edge from each shell.

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PolyUnwrapper v2.4 - Update

What's New

+ NEW Load at startup (automatically load when Max starts)
+ NEW Added .mzp installer (install/update/uninstall. Update works with v2.4.0+)
+ NEW Dock/Undock PolyUnwrapper Toolbar
+ NEW Align Shells
+ NEW Added support for grouped geometry
+ NEW Select Open Edges
+ NEW Select Pelt Seams
+ NEW Nudge Tools
+ NEW Expand Faces to Pelt Seams
+ NEW Convert Selected Edges to Pelt Seams
+ NEW Geometry Loop
+ NEW Geometry Ring
+ NEW Shift Cylindrical Texture
+ NEW Added Fix UV Aspect Ratio for non square texture to (Pelt, Relax, QuickPlanar, QuickCube)
+ NEW Integrated .chm Help File
- Fixed Select by Element Unwrap Editor button was not updating (Max 2012+)
- Fixed "Select Model Element" where welded UVs would not be detected
- Fixed typo in Normalize dropdown (Maximum, Minimum)
- Fixed PolyUnwrapper Select by Element status not updating when changed Subobject level from Modifier stack
- Fixed VFB save image. Was not overwriting existing files
- Fixed PolyUnwrapper toolbar closing when Unwrap Editor is maximized (Max 2012+)
- Fixed PolyUnwrapper toolbar properly showing when Unwrap Editor is maximized (Max 2011-, doesn't work on 2012+)
- Fixed Flatten Mapping not working when Prevent Reflattening was on
- Fixed icons Gamma when Gamma/LUT Correction is enabled
- Fixed bug where opening a Max window (Ctrl+Click) would prevent Mode buttons to change their state
- Fixed Undo for "Select Model Element"
- Fixed bug in Quick Cube Mapping
- Fixed minor bugs in the Template Render Engine
- Fixed crash when Unloading PolyUnwrapper in Max 2013
- Fixed a bug in "Expand Selection by Smoothing Group" where Smoothing Groups would not be correctly detected
- Fixed documentation errors
- Fixed rendering edges z-depth when faces where overlapped
- Improved Mirror and Mirror by Shell performance
- Improved "Select Model Element". Up to 20X faster than previous version
- Improved error handling for unsupported models
- Improved PolyUnwrapper Toolbar opening time (over 350% faster than previous version)
- Improved rendering times for overlapped faces (up to 40% faster)
- Unified words clusters/elements replaced by Shell
- Removed version number from Utility rollout
- Added undo for Relax operations
- Added undo for Normalize operation
- Added undo for Expand Selection to Smoothing Group
- Added .mzp installer (install/update/uninstall. Update works with v2.4.0+)
- Disabled Unfold Mapping in Max 2013 due to an unknown Max bug

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Hi asymptote, Thank you for

Hi asymptote,

Thank you for your comments. An auto load feature will definitely be included in the next release.

I didn’t include it in the current version as I wanted to keep the install as easy as possible, but as some users pointed out, it would be better to have an .mzp install file, so next release will have an install menu.

The Nudge feature from Chuggnut’s Unwrap Tools isn’t hard to implement so perhaps I will added them to some future version.

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Fantastic Unwrap replacement

Fantastic Unwrap replacement in Max 2010 :)

The only thing I miss from Unwrap tools (apart from the ugly UI ;))is the "Nudge" feature...is this possible in PolyUnwrapper ?

also is there an easy way to get this to load at startup? Max 2010 Unwrap is utter poop compared to this.

thanks for a great script.

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Works in 2013 for me

Woks fine here. W7 64B 2013.

Thank you for this.

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Thank you Headd for your

Thank you Headd for your continue effort reporting those bugs and for the ideas you provide to improve the plugin.

As far as the inconsistency between Max and PolyUnwrapper regarding the Select by Element status, I was aware the Max UI was not updating correctly, but I thought there was a bug in Max and didn’t investigate it further.

Now that you mentioned it, I looked deeper into the issue and it looks in fact like there is a bug in Max, not updating the button status properly when the TVElementMode is changed.

Here is a simple script to verify it. Paste it in the script editor and, while the Unwrap Editor window is opened, run it as few times.

uvMod = modPanel.getCurrentObject()
uvMod.setTVElementMode (not uvMod.getTVElementMode())

flagStr = case uvMod.getTVElementMode() of (

msg = "Select by Element should be " + flagStr + ".\n"
msg += "Try making a selection to see if it is working."
messageBox msg

You’ll see that Max does not update the Select by Element button properly, although the function is enabled or disabled.

Now I am thinking a few ways to fix it, and perhaps calling another UI element to update will update the button status as well.

As far as the issues with the VFB, I can’t reproduce them here. I have uploaded an image comparing the different buttons and what should they display. Are you getting different results than the ones in the image?


“Space and align per Shell”
I know is not exactly the same, but until I can get it implemented, you could Shift+Click in the Center and Fit icon (uncheck fit) and it will center the selected clusters, though not align yet.

“Quickly select by element”
This one would be great, as well as having the same function for Loop and Rig, same as you can do while editing a Poly.

Thank you!

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Hey ,It's working great.

Hey ,

It's working great. Some thoughts:

- Inconsistency's between 3dsmax's "Select by element" and Polytools one :

> If i check "Select by element" in 3dsmax UV, and then i set the selection mode via shortcut ( 1-2-3 ), the "Select by element" un-check's.

> If i check "Select Element" in Polyunwrapper, and then i set the selection mode via shortcut ( 1-2-3 ), only the seletion type that was active can be selected by element.

- In the UV template render:

> If you have enabled "Display Faces" & disabled "Show Edges" it will show both faces and edges.
> If you have enabled "Display Faces" & enabled "Show Edges" it will show only the faces.

- Small typo at Normalize drop-down, it's written "Maximun" instead of "Maximum" :)

Extras :)

+ Select multiple edges ( from different shells ) and straighten.

+ Space and align per shell( not just vert/edge). Very useful if you want to quickly overlap shells to use the same texture space.

+ Quickly select by element by having selected an vert/edge/face and pressing a modifier key (alt,ctrl,shift) on another one.


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PolyUnwrapper v2.0.1 - Update

- Fixed Crash when opening/closing UVW Editor in Max 2012-2013
- Fixed Crash when Unloading PolyUnwrapper
- Fixed bug in Normalize when area of selected faces is 0

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Hi Headd, Thank you so much

Hi Headd,

Thank you so much for your continuous support. I could in fact replicate the problems you have had, and uploaded a fixed version.

Yes, for measuring the Used UV Area I am actually rendering a 512x512 solid texture and parsing the pixels.

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