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PolyUnwrapper is a complete set of professional tools designed for the texture artists, especially for the architectural and game industries.

It contains plenty of features that will greatly help you improve your unwrapping workflow.



Main Features Features

  • Multi Stitch. Stitch Multiple Shells at once
  • Custom Packing algorithm and tools
  • Tool for matching the Shells Width and Height
  • Easy Grid Spacing
  • Render UV Tiles (UDIM)
  • Cycle Checker map
  • PolyUnwrapper Toolbar now keeps on top of the Unwrap Editor
  • Render Open Edges
Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2010 - 2021
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save scale

Yes, it works, thank you. I forgot the save function.

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Hi @stealthx, I am glad you

Hi @stealthx,

I am glad you find the Multi-Stitch function useful.

Thank you for these ideas, I will look into them and see what can be implemented. The "invert scale" feature can be done for sure.

All default parameters (if I am not missing something) can be changed. Al you need to do is to set the values you would like (this includes all tabs) and then go to Settings and click on "Save All Settings". I know, it is confusing and managing all the default values would ideally need a custom UI, which I am probably going to develop in the future.

You could also edit the default values in the "polyunwrapper.ini" files if you would like. The Scale value I in the [scale] section "ScaleFactor".

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I'm very happy with multi-stitch function!

I'm very happy with multi-stitch function! These kind of advanced core functions are 100x better than full automated solutions which often don't work at all.

I have small suggestion about scale button. It is set to 100% by default. In case you could set it to 90% then I could just select poly and hit scale button a few times until it will fit my needs. New change would be alt+scale button could execute "opposite" +10% to make poly bigger. I hope you understand, it could speed up work.

Last question is about shortcut Group. Now PolyUnwrapper is under "Group: Main UI" and therefore i have conflict with other shortcut for modeling. Would it be possible to have PolyUnwrapper under "Group: Unwrap UVW"?

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@Vertune, I am not sure to


I am not sure to correctly understand your question.

If you are wondering what kind of UV Templates PolyUnwrapper can render, you can download the Demo version. All the render types are enabled.

If you are talking about the amount of polygons it can render, I would say if you can open it with the UVW Unwrap modifier, the PolyUnwrapper should be able to render it. The largest model I have tried is 400K triangles, and it renders whiteout any problem.

Thank you!

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You can also make a diffuse map(mask) with high poly?

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Autodesk are you watching

Autodesk are you watching ?

THIS is how you develop a tool!

Awesome update Jorge, congrats.

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PolyUnwrapper v4.0.1 Update - Released

What's New

- Fixed bug in Multi-Stitch

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Thank you @stealthx, I am

Thank you @stealthx, I am glad you like the new features.

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Multi Stitch

Take my money! You are the best.

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PolyUnwrapper v4.0.0 - Released

What's New

+ NEW Multi Stitch. Stitch Multiple Shells at once
+ NEW Packing algorithm and tools
+ NEW Tool for matching the Shells Width and Height
+ NEW Grid Spacing and Show/Hide Grid button
+ NEW Render Offset UVs
+ NEW Cycle Checker map
+ NEW Cycle Freeform Snap Pivot
+ NEW Grow Geometry Selection
+ NEW Shrink Geometry Selection
+ NEW Added support for localized versions (Japanese, Korean, Chinese)
+ NEW Added support for 3ds Max 2015
+ NEW PolyUnwrapper Toolbar will now automatically undock when Unwrap Editor is Maximized (Max 2012+)
+ NEW PolyUnwrapper Toolbar and other windows now keeps on top of the Unwrap Editor
+ NEW Render mode Shells Bounding Rectangle
+ NEW Added Render Open Edges

- Improved Multiple Shell Edges detection algorithm in Align to Edge tool
- Improved Validate geometry at startup
- Improved Added option to switch to Dynamic Color Palette if Color Palette file is missing
  too many selected edges would lead to a very long operation
- Improved Settings Manager
- Improved Render Settings now save the Render Color Mode correctly
- Improved PolyUnwrapper Toolbar move/resize when docked in in 3ds Max 2012 and above
- Improved Docking/Undocking mechanics now works better.
- Improved Support for all localized 3ds Max versions is now much stable
- Improved compatibility with Windows 8
- Improved Added Undo for Mirror with multiple selected objects
- Improved Now Unwrap Editor maximizes to full screen (if it was in full screen) when
  the PolyUnwrapper Toolbar is undocked (Max 2010-2011)
- Improved the VFB is now much more efficient and render much smoother with specially with very large images
- Improved VFB window will now change to normal state when rendering, if it was minimized
- Improved Added Hand and Zoom cursors to the VFB
- Improved VFB can now zoom IN-OUT using Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right mouse buttons
- Improved Edges render faster now
- Improved Used Texture Area is always calculated and displayed in the VFB when rendering faces
- Improved Algorithm for rendering selected edges runs up to 50X faster for 100K edges and uses around 50% less memory
- Improved Send UV Selection (Edges) runs up to 220X faster for 50K edges and uses around 50% less memory
- Improved Part of the UI has been redesigned
- Improved Uninstalling will now also remove the PolyUnwrapper Macros

- Fixed VFB Get Used UV Area was not reporting accurate values in some cases
- Fixed Bug in Render color palettes dynamic generator
- Fixed Select Open Edges algorithm where it failed to find all OP in certain meshes
- Fixed wirecolors where not restored if Subobject Level was 0 and node was deselected
- Fixed wirecolors where not restored if nodes were deleted
- Fixed Enlarge/Shrink brush size buttons where enabled all the time
- Fixed UI Elements not being disabled in subobjectlevel 0
- Fixed Settings were not restored correctly to default values
- Fixed Bug in Send UV selection to modifiers
- Fixed Render parameters where not keeping their values when docking/undocking the Toolbar
- Fixed Bug in Set Brush Size dialog not being able to retrieve the actual size
- Fixed VFB window will now open at a fixed size if rendered template is too small
- Fixed Memory Leak in Send UV Selection to Poly
- Fixed bug in Render Color Palette where the first color of the palette was never used
- Fixed several minor bugs

- Changed Disabled Stitch in Face mode
- Changed Align Macros are now unified
- Changed initial countdown screen for unregistered versions, will now appear only once per 3ds Max session
- Changed EULA

- Removed Save/Load UVW buttons
- Removed DialogMonitorOPS

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